Faith and Abundance Is All There Is
By Chuck Danes

Do you often wonder why it is that the daily events, conditions, and circumstances which happen in life turn out as they do?

Have you ever looked deeply into why those things that you perceive to be negative, those small annoyances as well as the seemingly catastrophic events which require what seems like your last ounce of energy to get through, happen?

Although most are conscious of and recognize faith as the reason behind receiving the perceived "good things" in life, have you ever considered that it is that same faith which brings about those things which you would rather NOT experience?

Let's take a deeper look…..

Faith is unrestricted and knows no boundaries. Faith encompasses ALL things from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. Faith encompasses the macroscopic all the way down to the microscopic and beyond. It delivers without fail with unfathomable accuracy and never misses it's target.

Faith is unfaltering, unwavering and never rests. Faith doesn't discriminate, it only provides that which you have faith will happen regardless of what that might be.

Faith is 100% truth never delivering anything other than what is being asked of it.

Are you "doing" but not "having" that which you intended your doing to bring? Is your external doing regardless of how skillful or perfectly executed you perceive it to be bringing less than you had envisioned, hoped and planned?

It is only because you are not first "being" that which you wish to experience. There is no amount of physical doing that will override the unwavering power that faith has to deliver what it is that you are "being."

What you are BEING is what determines where your faith lies and as a result determines what your "having" will consist of. Doing without being is a futile attempt of trying to manipulate effects with effects and can only lead to temporary and empty outcomes at best, creating disharmony in other aspects of life and always leaving you "wanting" and searching for something more.

Faith is ALWAYS the cause and the outcomes based on that faith are the effects, so validating the scientific discovery of cause and effect.

Faith will show you "the real truth" as to where you currently are and provide the direction that will lead you where it is you desire to go. Faith will awaken you to the fact that your deepest and most heartfelt desires can be experienced in an instant as well as provide the awakening necessary to lead you back to the path toward their fulfillment when it "appears" that the world is conspiring against you.

Where do you find yourself right now in relation to that which is important to you? Are you experiencing all that you have a desire to experience? If not you only need to awaken to the fact that your faith is not in alignment with those desires, make the internal shift and follow the light of faith that will lead you gently back to the path that will lead you to them.

Faith is delivering to you what you "are" on the inside not what you desire to be on the outside. To experience that which you desire you only need change that which you are "being" and that which you desire will show up, many times with seemingly magical certainty.

Stop doing and start being and you will have discovered the secret to a life experience of harmony and fulfillment far beyond what you previously "Believed" was possible.

Fear and Love cannot coexist because faith is all there is. Fear is merely expressed faith that, that which you fear will be delivered to you. Love is merely expressed faith that what you love will be delivered to you as well. The only difference is one of degree. Both are delivered with unwavering certainty in exact proportion to the faith that is being expressed.

Faith is not based on what you say or what you do. Faith doesn't deliver as a result of telling your friend that all will be okay in an attempt to reflect a positive attitude. Externals whether words or deeds, regardless of how positive they may sound or motivational they may be can never produce and emanate the energy necessary to bring into physical existence long term that which is derived from the unseen or spiritual.

Faith is the unseen, thoughts are the unseen, desires are the unseen, which when in harmony join to initiate a transmutation of energy which enables whatever that is held in faith to become physical and enabled to be experienced in the physical world.

Faith that you hold is a result of what you "are" on the inside and as a result what you will experience on the outside.

Doubt is only faith in disguise. Doubt in your ability to accomplish a task, a dream, or a passion serves only as faith that you can't and the inevitable result is that you won't.

Fear in the same way is merely faith in disguise. Projecting fear regarding any event, condition, or circumstance is merely faith in the fact that what you fear in faith will be given to you as you believe. And so it is.

Faith is the greatest power in the Universe and operates unceasingly and with exact, concise precision to bring to you that which you have faith in.

Faith is Unconditional Love which provides unconditionally and with unwavering certainty just as you instruct.

Unanswered prayer is a fallacy. There exists no such thing other than in the mind of those that choose "not" to accept responsibility for their current internal condition, whatever it might be.

Free will is the inalienable right of every person on earth. By being denied in faith that which you choose to experience based on that free will, your choice to experience it, would deprive you of your ability to learn and grow based on those choices. There would exist no such thing as free will.

Free will isn't something that is given to you and then taken away when it's convenient to deny you of an experience which you desire to have. It is your experiences, those that YOU choose to have which enable you to grow and fully experience life.

Spiritual wisdom says, As you sow, so shall you reap. It doesn't say "Well, let me pick which seeds you can plant so I can determine the crop." It is YOUR faith which determines what harvest will be received, not your perception of "God's will." God, The Source, Universal Intelligence, Supreme Energy or whatever you may perceive Source to be wills that you experience life, grow from it and as a result of that growth contribute what you can for the betterment of others. God's will is that you have those experiences based only on your faith.

Spiritual wisdom says WHATSOEVER you desire when you pray BELIEVE that you receive and it shall be given to you. It doesn't say, "Well, except for this and that. "Whatsoever" you have faith in at the deepest level is what you are praying for and will receive.

Faith is unwavering, non-prejudice omniscient, omnipresent. Faith is the I Am. Faith is the Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning The End. Faith brings about those things which are perceived as good just as it brings to you those things which are perceived as bad. Whatever you are experiencing is based only on that which you have faith will happen.

Faith is precise in it's delivery without fail. If you receive something which appears contrary to what you consciously believed that you held in faith, you only need look a little deeper within yourself to discover the "Real Faith" which delivered it to you.

In a Universe comprised of Unconditional Love, Faith and Abundance is all there is.

I claimed in faith that there is not enough to go around, and faith delivered to me an abundance of not enough.

I said in faith that I am afraid and faith delivered an abundance of that which I feared.

I claimed In faith that I doubted my abilities to fulfill my purpose and passion, and faith delivered to me, in it's unwavering perfection, the absence of it just as I instructed.

I surrendered it ALL in faith and faith revealed to me the path which provided far more than I could have possibly imagined.

Thank God for Faith.

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