Fear has a purpose -- it should not be ignored, but definitely faced head on.

Whether the fear is physical, emotional or social, it can have beneficial value to protect us from possible harm. In this respect fear can serve us well. The down side is when we allow fear to consume us or shut down constructive action.

When fear surfaces while pursuing a goal it can be discouraging. It disrupts the momentum and requires some re-booting. Practically every goal worth achieving eventually faces obstacles. One of those challenges can often be the feeling of fear, a sense of danger or apprehension. Perhaps it is brought about by a lack of confidence, a realization that the task is bigger than anticipated, or simply a bump in the road.

Fear should be addressed head on. Determine its origin, whether it is a valid concern, and how you will resolve the issue. This holds true for all fear. It is important that what is causing the feeling of fear be understood and handled with an appropriate solution. Unfortunately, way too often we allow fear, founded or unfounded, to undermine our thinking and deter positive action.

If you are committed to a goal and a sense of fear is nagging at you, deal with it so you can get on with your mission. Remember that you determine your state of mind and the choices you make. Confirm the value of your goal and what you are willing to overcome to achieve it. Consciously decide to focus on the desired end result you want and the steps required to reach it.

Above all, take control and face the fear at hand. Do not let fear overtake your commitment to achieve a goal. You may need to adjust the route you take or re-think the reasons for the goal. But, fear itself is not a mandate to shut down a goal that you have thoroughly considered and believe in.

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