Demystifying Feng Shui is never an easy task…particularly since many practitioners perceive thing differently. It is what makes each Consultant unique---and it is important that you find the one that you are most “in tune” with.

There are Three “Lucks” in Feng Shui:

Heaven Luck

Heaven Luck are the Stars we were born under…it is Astrology, whether you practice or use Western or Chinese methods. We don’t have control over this “Luck” portion, it is pre-destined for us. Some people are very fortuitous in having been born at a time that is well aspected for much, if not all of their lives. Others are not as fortunate and seem to encounter struggles and difficulties along the way. These, I believe, are the lesions we must go through to learn what we are lacking in our lives. Hopefully, they are learned quickly!

Earth Luck

Earth Luck is Feng Shui. It is the “Luck” that is in our surroundings and something we DO have control over. It takes into account creating an environment that is peaceful and harmonious to help us through the difficult periods when our Heaven Luck is difficult. By making not only our Homes but our Businesses and Offices a sanctuary, it will assist you in benefiting from ALL areas of your life: Better health, increased wealth, new or improved careers, find or strengthen a relationship and bringing in more and more “Helpful People,” a critical area of the Bagua (A life station may of Feng Shui).

Human or Mankind Luck

Very simply, Mankind Luck is the way we choose to live our lives, something we have total control over. When you think about your actions, your thoughts, your INTENTIONS, and basically just living a Good Life by treating others well and “Doing the RIGHT thing.” This is a powerful aspect of Feng Shui, something not commonly thought of. Many Feng Shui Consultants feel it is important to sustain the Law of Attraction in your life to bring back the Positive. We limit or avoid completely negative people and negative situations in life and keep our thoughts positive. We look for the Blessings in life that we have been given instead of focusing on the negative. Think about Visualizing what you would like and using positive affirmation and the pure power of your Attitude.

It’s nice to know we have control over two of the three Lucks in Feng Shui. Knowledge is POWER—and it’s nice to know we can often turn our own Luck around!

Author's Bio: 

**Carole Provenzale has been a Certified Feng Shui Consultant since 1997 and is the Founder of Feng Shui Long Island providing on site Feng Shui Consultations for New York City (Manhattan) and all of Long Island for Homes, Apartments, Businesses, Corporations, Renovations and New Construction. Carole also provides Lectures and Workshops on Feng Shui Principles.