When you reflect on your life these days, does it flow with ease, or do you feel like you're going against the current? When you're in the flow of life you're connected to your natural rhythm and you move at a pace that's just right for you. The timing of things works out perfectly and you feel energetic and productive, while being relaxed at the same time.

When you're not in the flow you're in resistance and things can slow down to a grind or speed up in a whirlwind. You might feel like a slug not getting anything done, or feel overwhelmed with too many things on the go. Your energy feels spent, your temper short, and getting through the day can feel like bushwhacking your way through a dense amazon jungle, without a machete.

With our fast paced society it's easy to get disconnected from your own rhythm and get caught up in demands and pressures. Yet the more a person focuses on the externals with the endless list of things to do, the expectations of others, and the future fears and worries, the further they move out of the flow of life and their ideal pace.

Our logical minds would tell us to stay focused on what we have to do and just get it done, and then things will slow down. But experience tells us that the list keeps growing and the pressures keep mounting. When one moves beyond their rational mind and into the wisdom of their higher knowing, they discover exactly what they need (besides a winning lottery ticket): the need to connect with and remember their true state of being.

In our natural state we're like a baby smiling with joy, a tree blowing freely in the wind, a mountain stream swirling slowly in a pool before cascading quickly over the edge of rocks. We know when to speed up and when to slow down, when to put energy into accomplishing something and when to sit back and allow it to unfold. We listen to our body as well as our heart and soul. And then mysteriously, everything around us falls into place with effortless ease.

Reflect on these insightful questions about ease:

* What areas of your life are flowing with ease? Reflect on this and notice how it feels. How do you contribute to this state?

* What areas of your life are not flowing with ease? How do you contribute to this state? If the opposite of ease is resistance (fear, struggle, effort, despair etc), what are you resisting?

* Reflecting on the past year or two of your life, what patterns do you see emerging around being in or out of ease and flow in your life? What are the triggers that pull you away from your natural rhythm? What brings you back?

Try these inspiring ideas to create more ease and flow in your life:

* Take some time to imagine being in a state of ease and flow. Notice what your natural rhythm and pace in life is. Become aware of how it feels to move through the day at this pace. Imagine how your life would be and what it would feel like living in this state. Set your intention to live in the flow of life by saying to yourself each day that you choose this state.

* When you notice yourself focusing on how busy or hectic or stressful your life is, remember that what you focus on grows, so shift your thoughts to how you'd like your life to be and re-choose your own internal state of ease and flow (you'll be able to handle pressures and demands from this state much easier than from a state or resistance or panic etc.).

* Another way to shift into the flow of life is by imagining you are the water flowing in a stream. In some places you swirl slowly and others you move more quickly, but always moving forward. Notice how it feels to just glide effortlessly past rocks and over stones. Once you are feeling relaxed and peaceful, take this state back into the rest of your life.

Author's Bio: 

Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach and Author of the book, From Chaos to Calm, and the CD, Create What You Want in Your Life. Gini uses a powerful blend of spiritual energy awareness tools, co-active coaching and wellness counseling to guide her clients to own their power and create a life full of ease, joy and freedom. For more information or articles, visit www.ginigrey.com