Andrew Carneige once told Napoleon Hill, “I am no longer cursed by poverty because I took possession of my own mind, and that mind has yielded me every material thing I want, and much more than I need. But this power of mind is a universal one, available to the humblest person as it is to the greatest.” Andrew never forgot what the first millionaire said to him and repeatedly told others how Napoleon's quote brought him riches as well.

Riches that you can find just as easily.

This easy process begins with the TIISG question, as labeled by Joe Vitale, author of Spiritual Marketing. “How can I turn it into something good?” This is not about focusing on the problem. Nor knowing the outcome before you start. It is about allowing yourself to expand your energy so you can begin seeing and making miracles.

Miracles that don't need you to focus on the problem in order to find the solution.

A solution is focusing on the outcome. TIISG is about seeing a historical life event and then creatively seeing it from the good it has performed. In the case of Joe, Andrew and Napoleon Hill, it was about turning their experiences into evergreen lessons which they then turned into valuable gifts for others, the world, for decades.

For decades people have been doing just this. How many books have you read where the author turns a negative experience into an opportunity? More than you can count on your fingers and toes, huh. What about the number of movies or television programs that have made your heart sing? Even today's reality television shows are a rags to riches story. These stories are the fuel that fires our hopes, our dreams.

In a meditation manner, close our eyes and remember what you consider to be one negative event in your life. Allow this experience to be reviewed in your mind.

After it becomes clear, your inner wisdom will send you the next signal. This could come in the form of an a-ha or a request for action. This is your key. The action might be something within or not within your comfort level or knowledge. You have just begun to learn how to find your TIISG answer. These signals are your key to success, even wealth.

FYI, this isn't brainstorming or idea generating.

One answer may be to pick up a pen and write through whatever is appearing. You may be asked to ask someone a question but you don't know who yet. Wait, they will appear. Maybe you are asked to take an active role in something or even to read a particular book. You might get an urge to show up someplace at a particular time. Do it, show up. Honor this inner wisdom by taking that step. Allow patience to move through this step without wanting to know what the next one will be.

The next step requires letting go of the doubt and needing all the answers. Allow it to flow without requiring the need to know where it is going. Ignore the message, “I've tried this before and it didn't worked out,” if it appears. Which, of course, we know isn't the truth. Things have changed too much since. Take the action without attachment. Let it flow, let it grow. Trust fully in yourself and the flow of miracles, even if this is your first time.

It took me ten years to learn to ask, “What is the good in this?” My first viewing was with my experience with breast cancer. Then I saw the gold. The pictures flashed like a speeding car whizzing by. I viewed buried forgotten personal interactions with cancer sufferers and other survivors. How we seem to sense it in each other and automatically attract each other whenever we're close, even in public places. Why I wrote and taught journaling for so many years. It was then I could understand the hugs and tears of freedom shared in my workshops. It was then that I could understand why I wrote a slew of articles and how easily they flowed from pen to publication. It was then I saw how I fear trapped me in my home and later how these golden moments when shared changed so many lives.

Change will continue for me and for you as you travel with this. You will find your life and beliefs shifting and so will the solutions. Your consciousness will become amazing aware.

Solutions will automatically occur when you begin to see through this new perspective. The same good people like Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carneige, and Mr. Fire himself, Joe Vitale found it and so can you. They turned their negatives into ways to help the world see new solutions. It is the openness, willingness, to share that has made Joe, Napoleon, Andrew wealthy, not just in money. Now that you have this amazing key, it is now your choice to use it. It is your time to unlock the gold that has made you who you are today and send it into the world. The wealth will follow. It has to, this is the basic universal law of energy and attraction.

Author's Bio: 

Catherine Franz is a master life and business coach, speaker, trainer and prolific author. She uses the laws of attraction to bring prosperity in. She shows how to see, ask and receive them.