by Catherine Franz

Did you know that rich people keep piggy banks around their home? Yes, generally they do. Multimillionaire Kim Kiyosaki, wife of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki, and author of “Rich Woman: Because I Hate Being Told What To Do!” was on the Let's Talk Marketing radio show November 21 and she confessed to having multiple ones piggy banks. See bio for link to show.

You may even have one or a few piggy banks in your home already. Maybe your child has one and you don't. If not, you will want to start one today.

You don't need to run out to the store and buy one. Look in your kitchen. There is probably a previously used jar that you were saving for that “something else, some day use.” I love using a jar because it requires me to unscrew the cap. The motion creates a physical pleasure that is associated with nurturing me. It's like a jolt of joy. Then again, if you find yourself in the store and there is a piggy bank that tweeks your Twinkie, get it. Until then use something from your kitchen.

Now you are asking, “How is having a piggy bank going to help me become rich? If not this question, you may be saying, “So what, that's what my parents did and it didn't help them become rich.”

I am saying that having one a piggy bank will help you become rich. Let me further explain.

First, when you have a piggy bank with money in it, it changes how you feel. You feel more abundant. If you believe in the laws of attraction, you know that when you feel more abundant you are guaranteed to attract more abundance. If you don't believe this, then there is some additional muck that needs work on -- something beyond this lesson.

Did your parents tell you, “save for a rainy day” and that was attached to your piggy bank. Of course, this then became imbedded in your beliefs. You probably even had difficulty figuring out what they defined as a rainy day. Nevertheless, I'm sure you're parents clarified that for you here and there. Maybe the definition was mucked in the process. You believed it was to buy a skateboard. Your parents believed that was frivolous. Chuckle, you probably even challenged it to the best of your ability to. It even got complicated sometimes when they told you; you could use it to buy your friend or relative a gift with the “rainy day funds.” How confusing was that -- your friend or relative wasn't raining upon.

Seeing some light? Sure you are.

What if you shift your belief from rainy to sunshine? What if you called the piggy bank, “Your Sunshine Account” and you were clear on what that meant? What if your sunshine account was just to nurture yourself, for instance, it gave you the pleasure of getting a pedicure once a month. What if you went to the movies or bought a book you would love to read with the money? Could you define nurturing? I am sure you can.

If you already have a piggy bank, have you labeled it “chump change” or “loose change?” What would you rename it so it fuels you internally and externally rather than seeming wasteful?

If you want to be rich, create a piggy bank, dump your pocket change into it, and add a few bills. I recommend that you stop reading and go do this right now before something else gets in the way and you table it for another activity that you may never get around to doing.

Go ahead, stop, go find a jar or something, and create a piggy bank. No, you don't need to cut a hole in the top. Then return and continue reading.

Congratulations if you went and completed this exercise. You are still on the road to wealth. Go ahead and skipped the next paragraph, it doesn't apply.

If you didn't stop and complete the exercise, it says a lot about your beliefs. It says you have more doubt in your ability to become rich. Doubt is a characteristic of the poor. This is a whole other lesson, so I'll need to stop now and save for a later discussion. Just know you need to work on this - so stop and find a piggy bank.

Can you feel the difference in yourself now that you have the piggy bank? I bet you even stand taller. Thousands of people who I have worked with over the years have, so I'm sure you will too.

Hmm, and to think it began with the simple use of a piggy bank. Well, that's where becoming rich (or richer) begins! It starts with taking a different action and making a perspective shift along with it.

Enjoy you Sunshine Bank! Teach your children so they can teach their children and together we will change the future.

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Catherine Franz is a columnist, syndicated radio talk show host with multiple shows and producer of a communications television show.. and