Key #6 Freedom = No Fear

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself." -Franklin D. Roosevelt

The 6th key in the book "the 100th human" shows us the weakness of fear and the power that Freedom affords us. This is not freedom for a nation or for a people, but a freedom from all oppressions, those inside and out. This is the freedom that is inherent in the present moment – the moment when past and future fall away, and all our fears with them. When we experience this type of freedom, life’s circumstances become less important and Life gives us the liberty we desire and deserve.

The symbol for the 6th Key is the ancient Amagi, the oldest symbol we have for freedom, written in Cuneiform letters. Due to the power of such a concept, these scrawls from 4000 to 5000 years ago have made their way into modern times. Amagi reveals to us one of our birthrights. We have only to claim it in each and every moment and life’s horrors dissipate into the mist of unreality, leaving us only freedom wrapped in sheer joy.

Ida Hornberger, the 6th gatekeeper in the book, with twinkling eyes and warm heart, shares with us the understanding of true freedom and our personal power to pluck it from the unknown reality whenever we want it. Freedom = No Fear means we are present, powerful and embracing life by what is, not by what it has been or will be.

"Amagi also means, freedom from fear. This is very important for our world right now. Terrorism has become a very real threat to our freedom. But terrorism’s power comes from fear. And we, each one, give it that power with our own fears everyday. Fear is the number one thief of joy, love, peace and happiness. It robs us of the destiny we are here to live out. Fears keep us from enjoying the lives we have, and it keeps us from the lives we could have.

"As soon as you feel fear, you are living in the past or the future; where you are powerless, thus you feel even more fear. You see, you have no power over the past or the future, because they do not exist now. But in the present, you are power-full, knowing and connected to a million possibilities, and therefore fear is irrelevant, mute and non-existent.

"Fear is based on conditionings - which are mental and emotional constructs about something in the past. The past has no bearing whatsoever on what is, today. There is no rule, force or law that says what happened yesterday will happen again today. As a matter of fact, it is ridiculous to think that with a huge endless universe, with unlimited potential, that the same thing would happen more than one single time, ever. And yet in our human lives we very often experience the same things over and over again. This is because we are powerful, whether we know it or not, and if we are continually living in fear of the past, in the old experiences and beliefs, in old paradigms, then we will continually create the same happenings again and again." - Chapter 78 of "the 100th human"

Give up your past mistakes, you don’t need them. They will only cause fear in your heart and mind and enslave you. You have the power to escape your captor – your own mind. Freedom dwells in the present moment. Let go of the dead body of the past that you carry around inside of you. Dump it. You will discover new energy, strength, hope, possibilities and happiness when you do.

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly." – the Buddha

In each moment of life, a window stands tall and transparent, ready for you to look through it, throw open the sash and fly through. But you have to give up the idea that the past makes you who you are, or that the future will save you from who you have become. Only today do you have the power to uncloak yourself from the heavy robes of life’s circumstances and run free. Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow never comes, for when you reach tomorrow it will be today.

"You must first give up your past. Relinquish it. It has served you, but no more. Learn its lessons, then let it go. When you give up your past, you give up the known. This is hard for many people. They like what they know. It is comfortable, even if it is unhealthy or makes them unhappy. What I am trying to tell you is that it is in the unknown where miracles exist. It is where all the answers are, where all the power resides. Let go of what you have known and open yourself to the unknown – remember the field of all possibilities.

"Understanding requires us to see our fears for what they truly are – simple ideas from the past that we carry around with us continually, stifling and smothering us. Let them go and learn to live only in the present moment. It is in this space, the now, where we are free to choose. It is here, where we can choose happiness, peace, love, joy and freedom in every moment.

"What you have been through is the past and is only relevant in as much as you let it be. You have only to change your mind. Free your mind from the thoughts it repeats over and over again.

"In the last key you learned about knowing and identifying yourself with God. When you are able to do this fully – in that moment you will know freedom from fear. It is the most liberating, wonderful and powerful experience one can have.

". . . if you are living in the present moment and you do not judge events based on the past, or your fear of the future, then your suffering is a matter of choice in each moment."
- Chapter 78 of "the 100th human"

To embrace the present moment and run free in the field of all possibilities you need only to except what is, and decide in each moment to be happy. Being unhappy or suffering will not be rewarded in the end. When we feel the moment, we can choose it, create it, be in it. Release your fears by releasing the false ideas you carry from the past or unproven wishes for the future. When all else falls away, you are left with the now and a lot of energy that you previously were expending to keep a false self alive. That energy will aid you in creating each moment as you would have it be. Be Free, it is your birthright and your natural state. Fear is a lie you have told yourself.

Also, don’t forget the other keys as well: Correctly Identified, Living on Purpose, Hearing the Silence, Infinite Possibilities and We Are One. Remember, your thoughts count. Be the 100th human!

Author's Bio: 

Chris Fenwick, author of "the 100th human," is a consummate optimist, artist and entrepreneur, has traveled the globe learning from societies, scientists and sages alike. Following the birth of her third child, she was captured by the story of the 100th human and not released until its successful publication in 2006, a year and a half later. She is a co-owner in three companies, including her publishing company, Sunbury Press, Inc. Chris lives in Pennsylvania with her family.

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