Having clear goals is important to ensure successful living. With a vision in mind and landmarks for achieving success, you add direction and focus to your personal and professional life. It’s like taking both hands and grabbing hold of the steering wheel of the car called life and steering into the future. But if you don’t know where you want to go, how will you know when you’ve arrived?

There are certain steps to take in order to ensure success in reaching your personal, professional and/or business goals. The first step in effective goal setting is in knowing where you want to go. The second step is mapping the course you’ll take to get there. Then you’ve got to pull out of the driveway and get moving! Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. So why aren’t more people reaching greater levels of fulfillment?

If you’re having difficulty getting to where you want to be, then consider these three strategies for achieving more.

Choose The Right Goal
Too often people choose the wrong goals and then wonder why they have so much trouble reaching them. Is this goal what you really want to achieve? Perhaps the goal itself is an old goal, something you might have wanted at one point in your life but not one that fits your current focus.

Is the goal a ‘should’? If the goal is one that you believe you ‘should’ accomplish but you don’t really want or need to accomplish, then working towards this goal will be a struggle. A ‘should’ may indicate that your goal is one that someone else wants for you or that society is dictating for you. Your goals need to be your own. When your goals are based on your values and your current priorities, they energize you. The process of reaching them is exciting and achieving them is personally gratifying.

If you’re resisting the work necessary to meet your goals, then perhaps you’re chasing the wrong goal. Seek to identify the source of your resistance. In order to have an effortless and fun life, choose goals that bring you joy. If you’re chasing the wrong goals, you will never be happy with the results.

When considering a goal, visualize yourself having reached it. How does it feel? Is this what you genuinely want? If so, then you will experience intensity about achieving it. This will motivate you towards attaining the desirable result.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball
Stay focused on the outcome you want to achieve. It’s so easy to become distracted. There is a constant stream of things vying for your attention. When you shift your attention away from what you want, you lose sight of your target and can end up veering off course. It’s easy to focus your time and energy staying busy and crossing things off your to-do list. But if they are not the right things, then you won’t get closer to your goal.

Learn to say no to those things that are not part of the outcome you seek or part of the path you are traveling. When you keep your eye on the ball, it’s easier to say no to people and things that are not part of your vision for your future or the future of your business. Saying no to things you don’t want creates the space for what you do want. If you have difficulty saying no to the demands of others, then your “people-pleasing” approach is an obstacle keeping you from achieving your desired results. It’s your time and your energy; you’re in control of how you use it. Perhaps it’s time for you to focus on what you want rather than the desires of others. Constantly doing for others won’t get you to where you want to go. It might get you to where other people want you to go…but will you be happy with that?

Be Committed
Commitment is a critical element in reaching your goals. It means having the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve success. It’s what fuels your desire and keeps you moving forward. Without commitment, your goals are just wishes.

Along with commitment, you need a sense of urgency, focus and momentum. Together, these four elements are your accelerator. The more urgency you possess, the more focused you are and the more attention you give to doing what’s necessary, the faster you’ll get where you’re going.

If you are not passionate about achieving your goals, you’ll resist doing what it takes to reach them. With commitment and passion, you’ll be able to stay on course. So, choose your destination wisely, map out your course, do something each day to move you closer towards your goals, and stick to them. If you are not sure where you’re headed, move over to the right lane so others can pass, or hire a coach to help you clarify your life, career and business goals. And yes, enjoy the ride!

Author's Bio: 

Julie Fuimano, MBA, BSN, RN is a Personal and Professional Development Consultant and co-founder of Nurturing Your Success, Inc. Her passion is coaching executives, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals to manage their time, set priorities and stay focused so they can grow their business, develop their teams, make more money and experience greater personal fulfillment in life and career. For your free consultation, visit Julie at http://www.nurturingyoursuccess.com, write to her at Julie@nurturingyoursuccess.com or call her directly at (484) 530-5024.