Peace of mind. What is it worth to you and what does it have to do with health? The mind is one of the 4 cornerstones for overall health. Most of us have heard of the "body, mind, spirit" approach tauted by so many so-called healers. You are your only healer. You and your connection to to your higher self, your creator, your God. Your mind can empower you or deceive you. It can be reasonable or fearful. You may be saying, "Hey, I already know this." Well, I'm speaking of the unconscious mind, the fourth stone to turn. We can program our conscious mind to wellness, and make our bodies the best they can be. We can refer to our higher source and align our body, mind and spirit for optimal health. BUT, if we don't pay attention to the that little devil called the unconscious, we could lose ground in our quest for balance. So how do we approach the unconscious? Going to this special place is the way of the Shaman, the medicine man. We need to ask for the path we will travel when our conscious mind is asleep. We need to practice taking the journey with unconditional love and trust.When we master this process we can awaken and "feel" the true balance which gives us peace of mind. In my online radio show I'll be taking people on this unconscious journey eery week. Join us and find that peace.

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Rayna G. is a certified Holistic Health Consultant, massage therapist, reflexologist, author and educator. She can heard weekly at 10 am CDT on