"Instant Princess", a small guide that empowers adults to get to the bottom of low self esteem- causes, symptoms, and antidotes is now being offered for free to anyone with internet access, by going to http://www.highprincess.com and clicking on "party like a princess".

It's a travesty when you to can read the headlines or do a YouTube search and find sexually perverted acts, drunken parties, and gang fights, all performed by adolescent and teenaged girls. Are we raising a generation of mean girls or are these symptoms of deeper problems? According to Marci Woodard, co-founder of Highprincess.com and mom of 2 girls, "in this age of bullying, girls must to learn to love themselves first, before they can treat their peers with respect."

Learning to love themselves is also a necessary characteristic to have in order to form healthy relationships with boys or potential dates. Often times, abuse is acceptable in a dating or marital relationship because the abused person has low self esteem and believes that they deserve the treatment that they are receiving.

If a young girl learns to value herself and receives affirmation from her parents, she is less likely to believe comments from her peers such as "your nose is too big" or "you are stupid". While those comments are hurtful, the chances that she will allow them to become her personal truth are slim - especially if she can go home and receive the validation that she needs.

The main feature of the guide is the esteem boosting games and activities that are disguised as fun play, for girls. The games are appropriate for use at birthday parties, team building activities, church socials, and anywhere else girls gather to have fun.

The free guide also includes some detailed information to help adults identify low self esteem in themselves and children and some things that can be done to boost self esteem in anyone.