How much free time do you have during your day? Is the concept of even just 1 minute of free time something that seems like it only exists in a fairy tale? Free time is something that might be hard to come by, but it is an important component to add into your regular routine. When we take the time to slow down, quiet the mind, and refresh our perspective, we actually learn to become more focused and more productive.

Even if you can only find 1 single minute of free time in your day, believe it or not, that is enough time to take a mini break and clear your mind. Giving yourself even a small break allows you to practice being in the moment and having a clear mind.

Yes, you read that correctly, 1 minute can be enough to help you relax and regroup. During your minute, simply sit still, clear your mind, and breath. Pay attention to only your breath. Inhale as deeply as you can. See how far down into your abdomen your breath goes. Hold it for a second, then release. Blow it out as hard as you can and focus on how much force you use. As your minute goes by, concentrate on calming your breath, and calming your mind and body.

Another great exercise you can do if you only have a minute is to focus on your muscles. Beginning at your toes, tense your toes, hold for a second, release. Next do your calves, then do your thighs. Work your way all the way up to the top of your head tensing and releasing your muscles. Don't allow your mind to wander during this exercise. Only focus on your muscles and how they feel as you flex and release. See where you’re holding your tension, and as you tense those muscles, know that you are in control of holding on to that tension. As you release, let go of the tension and send it off into the Universe.

If you thought the concept of 1 minute of free time was doable, how about taking 5 minutes? 5 minutes can be enough to give you a quick breather from a hectic day. One thing you can do is simply gaze out the window. Choose one thing outside to focus on during your 5 minutes. Think about nothing else but the object out the window. Don't allow your mind to wander around the events of the day. If you do start to drift back to your to-do list, simply and gently bring yourself back to the present moment and the object out the window.

If you can manage to sneak in 15 minutes of free time it’s the perfect amount of time to get outside and take a nice stroll. If you work in an office building, take a walk around the parking lot, or do a lap around the building. Now, the key is, keep your mind focused on the present moment. Don't let your thoughts wander around what is going on inside the building, at home, or the grocery list. Stay in the moment by thinking about your breathing, and looking at the scenery.

Free time can be a scarce but nonetheless precious commodity. Even if you have only a few minutes, taking that time can mean the difference between just barely making it, and making it through your day with focus and clear intentions. Giving ourselves space and time to refresh and recharge is essential to peak performance.

Author's Bio: 

Jenn Givler is owner of Willow Fairy Creations, a wellness company that helps you be first in your life! Our mission is to help you become empowered, put yourself first and be centered and grounded in who you are and get what you want out of your life.