Low Self Esteem and Ego

The first step is to understand that self-esteem is your opinion of yourself. Once you appreciate this, you are well on the road to strengthening that self-esteem. Next, ask yourself why would you have a poor opinion of yourself in any area of your life? One reason might be that you have compared yourself with other people. If you come up short in that comparison, your opinion of yourself is diminished and problems arise. What you must do now is to enhance your opinion of yourself.

We All Have Different Resources

Not everyone is a man, not everyone is a woman. Everyone is not tall or short. Everyone is not rich or poor. But everyone is a human being, and in that regard you are equal to every other human being.

Some people see other human beings as having attributes they lack and feel shortchanged. This feeling of deficiency, even in one area, shows up in your overall ego, in your general opinion of yourself. However when everyone is seen as a human being, then everyone becomes equal. We are all human beings, and seen in that light there is no competition. There can be no competition.

When you are indeed able to see two people, and there is no competitive urge to be better than either one, then you have reached a high level of self-esteem and can see yourself for what you are—a human being—equal to every other human being.

To Overcome Low Self Esteem - Look Inside Not Outside

Is there anyone in your life you look up to, anyone you feel is better than you? Then you should work on enhancing your self-esteem. Is there anyone in your life you look down upon, anyone you believe is less than you? Then again, your self-esteem needs work. When you see everyone, from those you formerly looked at as the lowest of the low to those you viewed as the highest of the high, as—doing things differently perhaps, but all equal as human beings—then you find yourself with a healthy level of self-esteem. When you have high self-esteem, you are in constant competition with the only person it makes sense to compete with—yourself. Life then becomes a game, and all the things in life that were bothersome become challenges and part of the game.

How To Figh Low Self-Esteem

The first step in our technique for improving self-esteem is to pick something in your life that you are good at and want to improve. Once you have decided what that is, go to your meditative alpha level and examine it in all its aspects. Create a visualization, an image of yourself doing this activity, and then enhance the mental picture.

This Golden Image visualization technique, to go from low self esteem to high self esteem, is explained at great detail in our Home Study Course. The success, is guaranteed.

Fight Low Self-Esteem By Getting Better and Better
To compete with yourself to improve your talent, start by setting the improvement as a goal. First, set a base line: determine how you do at present. Then determine in what way you wish to do it better—to do it more or less, faster or slower, larger or smaller, whatever applies. Now go to your level and see yourself doing this activity better. Go through the same enhancement you used when you examined the talent before, but see yourself doing it better.

Finally, set your goal to actually do it that way.
When you come to an outer conscious level, hold on to that image, work, toward that goal, and keep at it until you are successful. You will compete with yourself and you will be successful. Soon you will develop the habit of success, of winning, and your self-esteem will grow.

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