The #1 reason you usually only get a temporary fix from motivational programs, self help books and personal coaches is that they focus on your personality. This is the place where inner growth must begin, but it's also got it's limitations. After you become an observer of your personality then it's time to move on.

Is it that surprising to hear that you are not your personality? It shouldn't be. Think back to the difference in your personality every 5 years of your life. What did you like and dislike when you were 5 years old? How about when you were 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.? Were your likes and dislikes the same at 10 years old as they are now? I doubt it. Maybe your favorite color still blue, but twinkies and bubble gum don't taste as good as they used to do they?

Sure, there are some cultural preferences that stay with you based on where you grew up and what generation you'e from. But most of the opinions you used to define yourself 20 years ago have been left in the dust or at least changed as you've grown up haven't they?

It's kind of funny how most people define themselves by these temporary opinions that create limiting labels of who they are. If someone says they're a democrat or republican or rich or poor or an American does it tell you who they are? At best it reflects how their personality views the world today.

So if you aren't your personality who are you? You are a spark of God's light wearing a human body and a human personality that both change and grow and eventually die. When they die, your spirit, higher self, slice of God or whatever you call the being inside your human body will go on.

If you have done psychological and/or spiritual work on yourself then this comes as no surprise. You may have had the priveledge of experiencing the being the you are. Many people have transpersonal (beyond the personal) experiences with their spirits in moments of crisis, near death experiences, car crashes, traumas or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you aren't consciously working on your inner self, what you need to learn generally shows up through the physical world. Unfortunately, in many cases these happen in extereme conditions which appear to be negative.

Alcohol or drug induced states are an example of this. Why do you think hard alcohol is called "spirits?" It's because after a certain level of consumption the alcohol lowers the energetic field of your personality to where other spirits can enter your body.

When the alcohol wears off and your level of consciousness rises again the spirit pops out of the body. This is why people report being drunk and blacking out. They don't remember dancing on the table naked because their spirit wasn't the one in the body dancing naked. Haven't you ever seen someone you know act tlike a totally different person when they're drunk? Well, this is whats happening.

So you can see how you can easily forget who you truly are while getting seduced by the daily distractions you face each day. But with a little conscious effort and focus on what and who matter most in your life you'll reconnect with the spirit that you are.

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