We live in a Universe of Laws and Rules. The Universe is harmonious and precise. It does not fail, even when we think it is being though on us. One of the Universal Laws that has become the focus of attention and conversations lately, due to the huge success of the hit movie “The Secret”, is the Law of Attraction. And that is a great and important step for the evolution of mankind as a whole. The understanding and application of this Law is one essential step towards self-development.

We are indeed moving along a path of evolution, regardless of what anybody may say or think. Evolution is part of life, another Universal Law. What some fail to understand is that this evolutionary path may include some suffering. But, is suffering necessarily important or essential to our growth?

I have heard it said that “if we do not learn by love, we have to learn by pain”. Following that thought, we must assume that suffering may be a result of us not living in harmony with some important Universal Laws. It is the Universe giving us a clear message that we’re still failing somewhere.

To me the best definition of “spirituality” is: living in harmony with Universal Laws. And that way of living could bring the end of suffering and a quickening to our individual and collective growth. However, most of mankind still lacks the required knowledge and guidance to reach this goal. No wonder, we were not taught about these Laws in School, we don’t know better.

So, what should be our first goal in life, before health, abundance, power, magnetism? To me it should be learning and applying the Universal Laws that we know about. We may not know all of them, but the ones we know so far are more than enough to start with.

My definition of happiness is the same as my definition for “spirituality”; living in harmony with Universal Laws. Once we are able to reach this harmony, happiness is natural, we don’t have to search for it, and we don’t have to strive for it. It just happens.

So, start by asking yourself: “Am I living in harmony with the Universal Laws that I know, or am I just an intellectual knower?” Just reading it will not suffice, just believing or agreeing with it is not enough. We must take this seriously, as a life path. And, as any specialist in any area, we must refine our practice each and every day. The Law of Attraction, for example, is not to be used only when we are in need or distress, like most people use prayer, as a form of escape. We must be aware of it, and observe how attraction is working on our lives. Reverse attraction is a fact; it is attracting that which you do NOT want. So, the Law works regardless, and it is neutral. We are the ones who must use it correctly, pretty much like electricity, gravity and the laws of mathematics. If we are not happy, it means that we are failing to harmonize with some Universal Law.

Author's Bio: 

Wellington is a Brazilian-born Power Coach living and working in NY. He is probably the only one in this area who charges only for results, not for trying. His methods blend the best of Mental Sciences and Energy Therapies. He is the co-author of: Beyond Attraction - How to Unleash the Power of Dynamic THought