On August 17, 2003, I began my 7th Huna Dolphin seminar on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Some just dream about this adventure and never do anything about it. But these people took action to make their dream a reality.

We were 9 women and one man, a New York Wall Street Analyst who had never even engaged in any spiritual development before, embarking on a journey that would carry us into the crystal aqua blue waters of Hawaii swimming side by side with wild spinner dolphins. You might wonder, why dolphins and Huna? The dolphins help us to look deeper inside us into our Light. Their higher vibrations are like beacons of Light that mirrors our own Light back to us. When we are in their presence we cannot hold onto fear. It just melts away into the illusion that it is. Consequently, it is a lot easier to implement the ancient healing secrets of the Hawaiians (Huna) as people are experiencing a melt down of their fears in the water. The dolphin’s sonar opens our hearts and the remembrance of who we truly are emerges.

Speaking for myself, I always had a fear of the water since early childhood. I avoided swimming pools, water slides, and of course, the ocean, like the plague. But the call of the dolphins would come to me in my dreamtime. They would teach me how to swim gracefully and effortlessly. Upon awakening, I could not deny my yearning to be with them any more. That was 8 years ago. Now I am as comfortable in the warm Hawaiian ocean waters as I am in a bathtub. My once greatest fear became my greatest love. It is a great honor to guide others to the dolphins so they may experience their own unconditional love.

On our first day out in the Bay near the City of Refuge, two bottlenose dolphins approached us. They are much larger than the spinner dolphins and look more like Flipper in the water. I had not seen any bottlenose dolphins for years. So their presence was most unusual. They were in a playful mood and kept tugging and throwing a sea cucumber back and forth to each other under water. Diving down with one of them I noticed some unusual geometric markings on its side. It was not from a shark wound, but clearly defined geometric shapes in circular and triangular patterns encased in a circle. I looked into the eye of the dolphin and it felt as if time stood still. Feelings of being in an ancient garden with ascended masters all around flooded my consciousness. Needing to rise to the surface to breathe awakened me from the image. Yet I am reminded that the dolphins are also conscious breathers. If they do not come up to the surface to breathe, they will die. I could not get the geometric figure out of my mind. It was like looking at a Mandela right in front of me under the water. I thanked them for the message and the wisdom they carry to us humans.

Another day we swam with a large pod of dolphins (40-50) watching them move seamlessly through the water and then surfacing to breath. It is so beautiful to watch one dolphin take the lead for the pod and see the others follow. Then another dolphin may decide to lead and again the others follow without conflict. All are behaving as “one mind”. There is not competition to be leader. It seems that the stronger energy just takes over without conflict among the group. What an amazing lesson we could learn from these magnificent beings: that humans could all work together in harmony for the good of the whole group.

Many of the dolphins had split away and were interacting with members of our group. You can ask the dolphins questions about your life and you might get an answer in a holographic way. They transmit information in their bubbles. I asked a question about my life purpose and taking myself to a higher level. Almost immediately, I saw a dolphin right beneath me shooting bubbles up to my stomach. It was intoxicating and dizzying at the same time. When you think about a question, the idea transmits to them telepathically. They respond instantaneously. I asked for bubbles that day and that’s exactly what I received.

There were young dolphins that day that were quite rambunctious. I no sooner received the bubbles, and then turned around to come face to face with a juvenile dolphin. He was so playful, he bumped my mask in his excitement. I couldn’t stop laughing which is not advisable under water. They get me laughing all the time for which I am so grateful because we tend to be too serious in this world. There is no way you can stay serious playing with the dolphins.

My favorite activity with dolphins is playing the leaf game. When they are in an interactive mode, they will approach you with a leaf on their fin. Then they drop the leaf in front of you and you have to dive for it before they get to it again. Almost always, they win because the leaf can fall pretty deep. But it sure is fun when you do get the leaf. I feel like a school girl swimming around with the leaf saying “Come and get me, I’ve got the leaf.” We played the leaf game for quite a while that day which is exactly what we were doing when I took the picture in this article. You’ll notice the leaf on the dorsal fin.

My life and consciousness has expanded from swimming with these wild dolphins. They are my teachers, my Higher Self. I go to them for advice. The fears of the past have become a distant memory. Working through life’s challenges have become easier as seen from a different perspective. Dolphins have brought me peace, joyfulness, and a deeper awareness of my own inner magic. They can do the same for you.

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Farrell is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy, a Master Hypnotherapist and Certified Huna Practitioner of Ancient Hawaiian Healing. She effectively combines these processes in her Hypnotherapy practice helping her clients heal at the root level from the inside thus enhancing their lives completely.
Belinda has created two CDs: “Chant and Foregiveness….A Huna Odyssey” and “EnCHANTment, Ancient Hawaiian Chants to the Higher Self”.
Website: www.hunahealing.com