On the Precipice of Autism

Devastated by the statement of her consulting physician, “A child like Clay who is at risk for autism…” Tenna shares the story of her relentless journey to pull her son from the precipice of autism. She tells of repeated visits to her pediatrician with Clay’s symptoms, repeated illnesses, and signs of emotional distress.

Frustrated and concerned for Clay’s health, Tenna begin to explore alternative care approaches. She consulted an osteopath, a homeopath, and an herbalist practitioner. Tenna goes on to tell how she began energy testing both muscle and pendulum. She explains the basics of releasing, imprinting, and release codes.

Tenna describes her visit to an osteopath and her first visit to a homeopath. She tells how she began energy testing both muscle and pendulum. Referred by her mother to a local herbalist practitioner, another round of treatments was explored.

As subtitle suggests Clay is rescued from the myriad of symptoms, sicknesses, and allergies he experienced. Tenna has an engaging way of keeping the reader with her as she explains releasing, imprinting, and release codes. The element of miracle is never downplayed in Tenna’s story as she bears testimony of the power of prayer in the healing process.

As the story develops Clay is rescued from the countless symptoms, sicknesses, and allergies. Tenna is an excellent communicator and keeps the reader engrossed throughout her dramatic story. Tenna bears witness to the power of prayer in the healing process and attributes much of her story to the miraculous.

“He’s Not Autistic, But…” offers understanding and compassion to anyone living with the nightmare of autism. It gives hope to those whose suffering has not been understood by the medical profession and direction for those exploring or ready to explore alternative medical approaches.

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Co-Founder, Christian Education Resources of San Leandro, California. Owner of Family Book Center, Castro Valley, California. Former Instructor Bay Cities Bible College, and Golden State School of Thelolgy, Oakland, Ca., Training Coordinator,Follow Up Misitries, Inc. a faith based ministry to jail and prison inmates. Regular Contributor, Restorative Justice News, Huntsville, Texas, Dirctor of Finace at Redwood Chapel Community Church. Former Regional Controller, Case Power & Equipment, and Boise Cascade Building Company. Married to Thelma, a registered nurse, and father of four sons.Member of Castro Valley Christian Writer's Group.