Although I am mostly a positive forward individual, we must be made aware of the dangers that are in our skincare products. And although negative, there is a solution.

Studies reveal that every single one of us is contaminated with scores of synthetic chemicals
that are known to be toxic.

In a 2005 Skin Deep report, research found that 33% of personal care products were linked to
cancer, 45% were found as possibly harmful to the reproductive system or baby’s development
and 60% could act like estrogens or disrupt hormones.

Toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and learning disabilities do not belong in products
we use on our bodies.

Once again it leads to the regulation or lack thereof on the cosmetics industry. This industry is self-regulated and in my view is looking out for the bottom line and not for our safety.

Go the to Environmental Working Groups websites at or visit to find out what you can do to protect yourself.

Author's Bio: 

Theresa Giambrone is a network marketing professional working with a six year old billion dollar company. Currently she is participating in a marketing experiment called 180daystogreatness created by Coach Nadira Haniff. To view information on this project visit