Just as Time is connected by seconds, we are all connected by Hope. Moment by moment, each life is sown together by the tiny stitches which keep together the design of fabric we create for ourselves.

In troubled times, Hope is the foundational concept which keeps us all going in whatever chosen direction we move each day. A Hope that tomorrow may be more fruitful than today and the future more prosperous than the past.

As usual, I searched the dictionary to define Hope and was pleased with the finding. The Connection to Hope is my focus.

Thanks to the Internet, you and I can share Hope, encourage Hope to others, with simplicity and ease. When we spread this beauty, we receive more of it. I cannot share something with you if I don't have it myself. As I express my joy in It, this expression reinforces/increases it to myself ... "The Teacher learns more than the Student."

In your life, Hope plays a paramount part in how it goes and will continue to go as the mystery unfolds. I asked the meaning of life to a close business associate 10 short years ago who wrote his Master Plan ... "Life is not a riddle to be solved, but a mystery to be lived." That got me by for a while until I picked up the bible 4 years later. This is when Hope began to get clear.

You have the wherewithal, we all do, to access this power of Hope in the world. My words are not meant to share the good news (not being my calling at this time), but rather to encourage the channel which we all have to promote what we deeply believe in. To express ourselves clearly and become free from the negative emotions that life throws on us.

In 1991 I decided to go for my dreams. 5 years later, I completed reading Think and Grow Rich and drank a glass of wine at the end as the author suggests as having made the decision to *go for it* and burn my bridges behind me so there was no turning back.

The Connection I mentioned above to Hope comes to play by realizing that it is SO easy to connect with others online! Have your Life Plan laid out as best as you can and start CONNECTING.

After all, why do you think THAT I write articles? Do you think that I can't think of something I would rather do on Sunday when most of the world is kicking back relaxing and *flushing* the previous weeks memory?

No Friend!, You and I are VERY connected. We go online, read similar things and have similar goals, interests and aspirations. Who knows, we might just make Great Business partners. The point is, you won't find out unless you CONNECT.

The wealthiest man that I ever personally met (that didn't go to jail yet ;-) explained to me in crystal clear detail how important it is to KNOW how you are paid. If you know, then you just have to do it and it should work, right? Well, he said that we are paid by "flapping our gums", yes, just talking to people. The internet provides tons of ways to do this without the fears of cold calling on the phone and with the utmost efficiency and precise effectiveness ... it's a no-brainer.

In Addition ... Consistency is the Key (so unlock your mouth?) and keep it unlocked ha ha ha ha ha ahh.

Begin today to push that overwhelming sized boulder called self-promotion and get the momentum going to attract high quality business partners.

Rock the Internet world with your vision, your enthusiasm and excitement about what Hope means in your life and how you are committed to make a positive difference in the lives of so many others who may be like-minded to you but just need that *kick of encouragement* to get them in motion.

One of my favorite singing duo's is from Jefferson Airplane Grace Slick and Marty Balin. In 1989 they came back with a phenomenal music recording filled with Hope and from NOW IS THE TIME (hint hint) ...

"Desire ... The feeling so clear it seems in everything you hear.
Desire ... A feeling you never lose, it's always something new. And it's waiting for you to follow through.

We all have a song, Life is the Dance.
And right or wrong, we will all take a chance.

Now is the time, the time is right.
We've got no reason to wait, let's do it tonight.

This is the night, tonight is the time.
Bring the Dream to light and let it shine.

Desire ... Follows and leads the way like night follows day.
Desire ... It's right before your eyes no questions no surprise. It's been waiting so long for you to decide.

All the fantasies we keep inside,
We'd love to live it but we don't know how.

Too late for yesterday, too late for tomorrow.
That means it's got to be now.

This is the song, Now is the time.
A moment the Levee's gone, together it's yours and mine.
This is the night
This is the song
Feel the love again
It's where we belong
Bring the Dream to Light and let it shine."

Have you ever heard Jorma Kaukonen on lead guitar :-D

It's a Great way to end this article (for me) ... I'm connected.

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