Often times, people are not able to get simple lessons out of simple things. Everything you could possibly need to know in order to become filthy rich, or manifest anything and everything you want in your life can be learned by the most simple experiences and things in your life. Something such as a fork for example can teach you exactly what you need to know in order to get rich, or manifest and attract anything else you want in your life for that matter. Let me explain.

Think about a fork for a moment. If I were to ask you what a fork is, you would tell me that it is a piece of metal that has been shaped with a long flat piece on one end, and a couple of prongs on the other end. I would then ask what it's used for, and you would explain to me that a fork is used to stab food in order to move it from where ever it is to your mouth in order to eat. I would agree, but point out that you have missed much of the lesson on what a fork is, and this is where the true wealth comes in.

First of all, a fork is nothing more than an idea. It's a concept that someone came up with in order to make eating food much easier. Second of all, I would also point out that forks are far from the only tools available. We have spoons and sporks to eat with, and it's also possible to use a knife to eat. All of these are much more unsanitary than chop sticks which were invented long before any of those items were invented. Before even chop sticks, we had our fingers. All of these utensils are nothing more than ideas that people came up with in order to make eating easier.

The next thing I would point out is that a fork can be used for much more than just eating food. We often label a fork as a utensil for eating, however, your ability to realize that a fork is anything we can imagine it to be is directly related to your ability to manifest and attract wealth in any area of your life. A fork can be used as a scratcher to scratch an itch. It can be used to defend yourself against someone who is trying to harm you. It can be used to pry something open. I myself have used a fork numerous times to get the top of a can out of the food and into the garbage after I open a can with a can opener. It can be used to hold a woman's hair in place. A fork can be used for anything that your mind can perceive a use for it. Any idea you can come up with, just as a fork started as an idea, is something a fork can be used for.

So the lesson that a fork has to teach us is that nothing is what it seems. We must first realize that everything is an idea, then it becomes a useful tool or concept. Next we must realize that everything is capable of being much more than it is. Everything has much more to offer than just what we first see, if we are able and willing to look beyond the obvious labels.

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