How can you tell he’s cheating on you?

No one wants to think their guy is cheating, but if you’re beginning to be suspicious, well, there there’s smoke there’s fire. Of course we psychics get a lot of calls about this – does he have another woman? Is he cheating on me? I haven’t seen him in two days, where is he?

It’s wrong to cheat on someone you love. It hurts in the heart. But if you suspect, here are the top ten clues that someone is cheating. Then you’ll know when it’s time to find out for sure.

1. Too much time on the computer behind closed doors.

This is the No. 1 clue. I read for lots of people who are dating, and it’s the no 1 way to meet people these days. Well, those women who are dating online tell me all the time about the married men who write them, and how they start right in with indecent proposals, or want a picture of them naked. So if he’s on the Internet all the time, and doesn’t want you to see – look out. You can also get specific help from The Closer ( It’s discrete and sensitive and thorough.) Watch your Aries guy on this one. It’s not like a fire sign to spend hours in a room, with a computer, with the door shut!

2. Overtime or working later.

Especially if this is NEW. It’s an easy way (they think) to cover up an affair. This is an easy way for Pisces to cheat, because they have more spare time on their hands to begin with. If suddenly he’s got weird meetings all the time, in the evening, look out. Also they may “suddenly” be working out-of-town.

3. Hang-ups or dial tones.

Have you ever been in love with a man? Now tell me the truth, didn’t you call him a lot, sometimes just to hear his voice on the answering machine, especially if he wasn’t available to you at the time. If the phone rings and when you pick it up and say “hello” you hear a click, uh oh. If your guy’s a Gemini, this is a good place to look. They’ll want to be in constant communication with the new chick.

4. Lack of interest in sex or sudden abnormal desires.

Anything different in this area, unless there’s a cause like medication, can mean trouble. Like suddenly he wants you to wear something weird. Of course if your Scorpio guy loses interest in sex, it’s a major sign.

5. Hiding or “losing” the phone bill, cell phone bill or credit card bill.

A lot of the women I’ve read for who caught their man cheating found out through bills. I guess they get careless. You’ll find a bunch of calls to the same phone number and it’s a number you don’t know. One woman I read for found out he had charged $800 on the cell phone that month. Maybe you always paid the bills and suddenly he wants to. You know there’s trouble without having to go any farther. Watch your Virgo guy on this one. You KNOW they aren’t going to lose or misfile a BILL. Come on now.

6. Accusing you of having an affair.

Well that’s just one of the nutty things men do – turn it around. They start sneaking around, so of course they suspect YOU of sneaking around. Sometimes too they’ll just pick a fight hoping you’ll leave or something. Find out early while you can still work on the relationship. This is all about early detection. From what I hear, this is an Aquarius thing.

7. Excessively critical or unbelievably nice.

Both of these are sort of coming from guilt. Guys know it’s wrong to cheat on their woman. Some become critical and pick on you about everything. Suddenly it seems like he’s never in a good mood, and that you can’t do anything to please him. Other guys start being sugary sweet. He hasn’t given you a gift in a year and suddenly there are a dozen roses. Or worse, you’ve been after him to let you have a vacation and suddenly he’s telling you to go on a cruise and take your sister along, his treat, and make it a 2-weeker. Uh oh. A Leo often shows you they’re cheating this way, because flattery is their game. They will start flattering you like crazy and fawning all over you, or suddenly the pussycat is all claws and growls.

8. Taking off or “losing” the wedding ring.

This one is just pathetic, like you wouldn’t notice. Me and my girl friend had a flat one day and pulled over to the side of the road. Well this guy pulled over and came charging out of his car to help us and we were laughing because we could see the outline of his wedding ring in his shirt pocket. Well then they for get to put it back on.

Guys don’t just lose a wedding ring. Think about it. I know guys who’ve hung on to the same wedding ring for 50 YEARS. Don’t be fooled by excuses, ladies. Watch a Taurus on this one. After all, a ring costs something, and money’s what it’s all about with a Taurus. Not like him to, um, misplace something of value.

9. Taking pictures out of their wallet.

I don’t know why they do this, but they do. Maybe he feels guilty having the picture of you and the kids in his wallet when he’s cheating on you. Check his wallet every now and then, or ask him if he’s still got your wedding photo in there, and can you see it, pretty please. A Cancerian who removes photos of his family from his wallet is sending you a big, big message.

10. Last big one – new interest or hobbies, activities and even eating new kind of food.

One woman I read for, well they had always had pretty plain cooking, steak and potatoes. Suddenly he’s asking for things she can’t even pronounce. Or he starts talking about Harry Potter when you two don’t have any kids, or he wants to take up golf.

Think about when you were dating. Didn’t you always pick up some new interest from the guy? You can tell it with your girl friends, too. I remember once the girls were talking about weight loss and I told them the anecdote about Laffit Pincay eating one peanut on a plane trip – half at the beginning and half at the end. “Who on earth are you dating?” they asked me. I was dating a guy who was in to horse racing. (Laffit Pincay was a famous jockey.) Watch those anecdotes. If your TV-watching, video-game-playing Libra sweetie suddenly starts quoting Proust, uh oh. Where do you think he got it from?

Well, I hope it doesn’t happen to you, but if it does, it pays to know the early warning signals.

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