Did you ask this question and have your answer for this year? I know it looks a bit too traditional to force you into a new year resolution.
But it's an obvious truth that most people don't rush into changes and into action. They look for 'a reason' so long that they never change and continue along their paths leading to nowhere.

I'm sure you want to be different, so I am here to give you the reason to change what you're doing into something more profitable - a more profitable year.

Since you are on the Internet, I assume that you seriously look for ways to create a dependable online income. I firmly believe that you are aware of the reality that the responsibility is yours. It's you capable of deciding how much you want to make, how much it is you need to be able to live the lifestyle you imagine.

Take it this way:
-> It's time to stop working from home for nothing!

You must be able to make so much that even if you don't work at all, you will still make money, and not only some money but the amount you wish.

If you are used to having someone deciding on how much you will earn and not fully able to decide for yourself, take this new year as the opportunity or 'the reason' to change it.

Start with the easiest items:

1. Make a pricelist of items that make the lifestyle you want.

2. Sum up the prices: that's the amount you have to earn in 2007.

3. Divide by 11 months, by 5 days and by the number of hours you want to work - this is the amount you must earn an hour (until you find a way to earn even when you don't work).

4. Now look at your cashflow:

first, the income streams you already have: sum it and examine their earning possibilities for the future.

second, the expenses: stay with these a bit longer. Examine the individual items and see where and how you can cut it and do it at once (- not tomorrow!). Systematically watch where your money goes. You can use your computer or a ledger.

third, examine all your income possibilities you now have: evaluate them, compare with the amount you need in 2007, look for new ones, evaluate, compare and start focusing on the most profitable ones.

fourth, start simply doing what is necessary. At once. Not tomorrow!

fifth, don't forget to evaluate, compare, modify, test and see how near your goal you are AND don't forget to reward yourself for your achievements along the path. And, let me know!
All the above is pretty easy.

Now, let's examine the situation: If you've done all the above and feel all excited that you will finally achieve all you've always dreamed of, I bet you will by the end of 2007, and I am all keen on receiving your message when you do!

BUT if you've done it all the above and don't feel any excitment that you finally have a way to get what you always imagined, then, you are in problem.

It is a motivation problem, you can feel frustration or have negative thoughts, especially, if you are one of the many people who lost or almost lost their illusions about the Internet.

However, you should be aware of the simple fact that you can be your most severe enemy if you think negatively. No matter how hard you work, you will not achieve anything if you think negatively. It's not important whether you believe me or not, it simply works this way.

I have a quick advice how to start positive thinking: spare 15 minutes, an hour, or even a day - any time you need, and think about all you really want, (or ever wanted if you feel you don't want anything at the moment), about what you are willing to do to get it, make notes, read a book about money power, I'm giving you free below, create your motivational prayer, reminders to keep you motivated every single day and say this:

This year - 2007, is my lucky year, its figure ends in a 7, it's here for my success I deserve!

And, Start to act accordingly. At once!

P.S.: Don't forget: either you can achieve what you've always wanted or continue doing what you always did and get nowhere near your goals. You must do something in any case, so why not doing what gets you to your dreamed lifestyle - it's not got to necesarily be perfect, just get it going. The choice is yours, only yours!

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