When kids play the are having lots of fun. And the more they are moving their bodies the more fun they have. This changes with age: Physical Exercise becomes less and less associated with fun. Some of my clients over 40 have trouble getting themselves into the gym or doing any gentle of physical exercise, making it challenging to lose weight permanently over 40.

However, things could be differently. If you exercise regularly, your mood will improve. Generally, people doing exercise experience themselves as more successful and emotionally stable.

Recent research released in the Archives of Internal Medicine investigated the results of exercise on the quality of life of menopausal women. All women were overweight or obese and had a sedentary lifestyle. They participated in 3 different exercise plans with varying level of workout intensity. As always in these studies, a control group had no exercise at all.

The results are interesting: Even if the women did not lose any weight (that means, they counterbalanced the exercise by eating more), their quality of life increased. More physical exercise resulted in better well-being, higher intensity of the exercise program leads to higher quality of life.

A beneficial result on the sense of well-being was achieved even by the group doing the exercise program with the lowest intensity.

If you want to lose weight permanently over 40 you need to include exercise in your daily activities. However you shouldn't do it for the weight loss only. Physical activity will make you feel better and increase the quality of your life. As the study found that's especially true for women over 40.

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