Is your child’s self-esteem low? Are other kids’ opinions of him more important than his own? Is he afraid to try new things? Inside you’ll find my personal story and how self-esteem affirmations can build character in your child.

How Lack of Confidence Fractured My Ribs:

I started skiing in my 40’s. Whenever I looked down from the snow-covered hilltops, my eyes widened. My heart pounded, and my knees turned to jelly. On one downhill run, my fear sent me crashing and I fractured my ribs.

I knew I had to get over my fear because I wanted to ski with my family. Being a child/family counselor, naturally I turned to affirmations. With the next ski trip I told myself, ‘I can and I am.’ Then I pushed off into a great downhill ride.

Can you see what I did? When I felt controlled from the outside, I worried about the steepness of the hill, the recklessness of nearby skiers, and my own abilities to make it to the bottom in one piece. With those thoughts I fractured my ribs.

Self-Esteem Affirmations - How Inner Control Increased My Success:

I couldn’t let these fears control me. I needed inner control. Affirmations were the answer. At home I visualized the ski slope. I felt the good feeling of swishing down the hillside and I told myself, “I can and I am.” I was changing my outer control to inner control. My next ski runs were a breeze. The affirmation worked for me on the ski slopes and this process can work for you and your children too.

Building Character and Reaching Goals:

Don’t let your kids be controlled by other kids’ ridicule, opinions, or snubs. Don’t let your kids be ruled by fear of trying new opportunities. Don’t let your child hear put-downs from you.

Teach your children to switch from outer control to inner control. Teach your children to see, sense, and say their goals. Ask them questions. Probe them for their negative thoughts. Guide them to positive pictures, words, and feelings. They’ll reach their goals and build character too.

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