“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes
of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives.” - William Shakespeare

Extreme self-care begins with easing your mind, calming your body, and feeding your soul.

Ease Your Mind

Easing your mind involves being fully present and aware of this very moment. Eliminate the guilt and shame you carry with you from your past and put an end to the unfounded worries about your future. Create more time for gratitude, abundant thinking, a positive attitude and lots of laughter.

Till the soil and plant seeds of healthy intentions by:

* Creating a gratitude journal - Start making a daily list of what you are grateful for.
* Joy Spotting- Notice every little moment that fills you with joy.
* Reading motivational books and blogs - Check out my blog roll for some great inspirational mojo.
* Listening to uplifting music, podcasts and audio books.
* Being aware of your self-talk - Are you gentle and kind to yourself?
* Lightening up - Things do not have to be so frigging serious. Seriously!
* Lots and Lots of Laughter - Who are you sharing your time with? Do they make you laugh?

Calm Your Body

As important as easing your mind is to your mental health, exercise and relaxation also play a key role in your well being. Our bodies are marvelous creations that carry us through life. You deserve extreme self care. Just like a beautiful flowering plant, your healthy body needs rich soil and water to create a full and healthy bloom.

Caring for and calming your body includes:

* Regular massage therapy - Bodywork should be a regular part of your health care.
* Relaxing baths - If you have a tub, get in it!
* Luxurious naps - You deserve an occasional nap.
* Moving your body -Walking, going to the gym, enrolling is a dance class, run, stretch, and play!
* Healthy nutrition – Plenty of water, fresh fruit, vegetables, whole foods.
* Care for your mental body image - I dare you to look in the mirror and greet yourself each morning with “Hello Gorgeous!” Be kind to your self by banishing negative body talk.

Nourish Your Soul

Discovering true balance includes creating time to feed your spirit. Nurturing yourself spiritually allows you to ground yourself in your body keeping you anchored, healthy and alive. Caring for the soul includes eliminating the weeds that show up and choke out your natural soulful beauty.

Nourish your soul by:

* Banishing interruptions and making time to be still.
* Get in touch with your spirituality through peaceful time in prayer or meditation.
* Create a time for your creative pursuits - photography, journaling, art projects and music.
* Get unplugged - Turn off the television, radio, computer, pager and any other electronic device.
* Focus on your breath - Deep cleansing breaths in through you nose, filling your lungs to capacity and then letting it all go with a giant exhalation.
* Share your time with people who make you smile until your face hurts.
* Get out of the house and get close to nature - The miracle of water, woods and wildlife will rejuvenate your spirit.

You deserve real moments of solitude, self-reflection, play and relaxation to balance out how much of yourself you give away.

Author's Bio: 

Unconventional, spirited and delightfully curious, Shann Vander Leek is a fresh new voice in the arena of mindfulness and extreme self care. She is the founder of True Balance Life Coaching and a Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor. Shann inspires women in transition to create balance in their lives through personal coaching, yoga and creative expression. She is the Co-author of a new best selling series of team-authored books for women titled, Wake Up Women BE Happy, Healthy & Wealthy. Telephone and email consultations make Shann accessible to clients all over the world. Visit www.truebalancelifecoaching.com to sign up for a complimentary personal development session.