So you’ve made the decision. The story leading up to it is probably a little different than everyone else’s.

Perhaps you need more money. Perhaps you can’t bear to drop the kids off at daycare anymore. Perhaps you are simply ready to take full control and responsibility for yourself and your family’s future.

In any event, how do you get started? After all, it’s easy to say you want to own you own home based business, but what is that really going to mean?

To answer that, it is first helpful to take a quick look at where you are going. Believe it or not, the final goal is NOT to own a business that pays the bills. On the contrary, true financial freedom is when you reach the point that you and your family can live comfortably with or without your business. In other words, you will need to learn how to run a business AND invest.

Many very wealthy people will suggest, therefore, that you start by building a business. You then use the cash flow from that business to buy investments. This process does much more than raise money for your investments. The process of building a business teaches you the skills and disciplines you will need to choose solid investments later.

This brings us back to starting your business. After all, you probably don’t have an MBA nor are you a corporate CEO. You’re a mom. You want, more than anything else, to stay at home with your children. Therefore, you are looking for a stay at home mom’s business opportunity.

You need to find a company to start your business with that has more than a great product. In fact, the most critical thing to look for is the training program. Do they have a proven system? Will they really teach you how to market, or do they simply want you to “go sik em?” Are other people, who are following the SAME system you are being taught, having success? These questions go much much deeper than the product and compensation plan.

Once you find the company that is the right fit for you, you need to prepare yourself to go to work. Building a business does not happen by chance, you must choose to build it. This will take time. If you are part time, be prepared to work at least 15 hours each week. If you work less, you probably will not have success.

It also goes without saying that you will need a computer. Granted, a number of home based opportunities out there do not require a computer. However, real world, in today’s society you will need a computer with internet access to be effective.

Finally, you will need a humble attitude. There are things you will be taught in the beginning that may not make sense, but probably are exactly what you need to do. Remember, this will be very different from any job you have ever had. Be humble, listen to what you are being taught, and do things according to the system. The system in place has been tested and proven to be effective.

The first steps of anything you have ever done have probably been hard and a little scary. This will be no different. If you persist and keep after your dream, there is no reason why you cannot be a full time mom in as little as 2 years or less.

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