I grew up believing in some white bearded powerful deity that would hear my petitions, and in some mysterious way answer my request.

I went to a private school that spoke of sin and salvation in the same breath. Most of my early life I surrendered to other people's beliefs about who I was.

I had beautiful dreams but was surrounded by harshness that wounded my creative heart and crippled my self confidence.

By the time I was twenty-one, I no longer wanted to be smothered by my inner conflicts.

However, I still had a passion for creative solutions and a strong need to wipe out my mental and emotional slums and heal my addiction to my wounds, hurts and injuries.

I searched for answers that would enable me to turn obstacles into blessings and achievements. The path to believing in myself took me on an uncharted journey that continues everyday.

Along my many travels in consciousness, I had my fair share of back alley psychics, preachers and dead end teachings.

Luckily for me, I came from the streets of Brooklyn. I was not seduced by blind faith, nor the fantasy of following masters, nor religious groups.

I had been around the block a few times and had no interest in the concept of non-physical teachers, or channeled information.

In the early 70's, and still in my early twenties, I discovered there are universal laws of life that operate through our beliefs.

I realized that I had detailed mental images or blueprints about money, health, success, and relationships that were ingrained in my subconscious mind, for better or worse.

It was this invisible framework that was the axle around which my life revolved.

By the time I was twenty-five, I began to help others unlock the hidden powers of their subconscious mind so that they would have a say in the direction their life would take.

I helped them design new mental blueprints:

- To believe in their own ability
- To step out in the face of uncertainty;
- To develop greater boldness in their personal and work life and most of all, to manifest their dreams.

Then it happened.

In the 1990's, and at the age of 40, my beliefs were put to the test.

My life changed in seconds. I had an accident; only I knew there is no such thing as an accident. As a focuser of energy; I had attracted it.

I honestly do not recall the details because I have spent years re-editing the moment. I do remember that I had just showered at my gym, and sat on a bench in the dressing room to relax. The floors had recently been redone but the benches were put back without being bolted to the floor.

Bam! My life changed in seconds. I got flipped on my head and for the next seven years I felt as if my subconscious was exploding and I was on some cosmic elevator falling deeper and deeper into a living hell; only I couldn't stop the nightmare.

I watched as my entire life collapsed around me.

My worklife completely disappeared. Dancing and scuba diving were no longer possible for me. Friends left in droves. Emotional support vanished.

I wondered: How did this happen, how did I get here? The answer came immediately: Your deepest thought patterns and mental blueprints got you to where you are, and they along with the Healer Within can get you out!

WOW! I realized that I had created my own reality. Blueprints rule! However, I knew I knew the universe was not out to punish me, nor was there some unseen conspiracy acting against me.

While lying in my hospital bed, my spiritual blinders came off. I remembered the admonition: "There are no unsolvable challenges. There are only people with fixed ideas." So I refused to feel powerless in the face of adversity. Instead, I decided to go within to the workshop of my imagination, because imagination creates reality.

I decided to trust the ever present, all powerful innate intelligence within me in order to enter the next stage of spiritual awareness.

I had to find out if spiritual principles worked in the face of such devastating adversity. Believing that consciousness is in every thought-seed was the beginning of doing the impossible for myself.

Armed with new information, I set about to transform a living inferno, and to heal myself.

Did I cry and have emotional releases as I tried to uplift my moods and focus on health and happiness? Yes. But, once I had a good cry, I summoned my courage; tweaked my health blueprint; re-focused my attention and continued to re-edit, re-think, and revise my deeply rooted images of myself because I knew my dominant thoughts would replicate and re-cast the experience if I didn't.

Over those seven years many upheavals came to test my grit but I became emboldened by them.

I learned that fear is a desertion of trust in the healer within and that I was suffering from amnesia of the soul.

My desire to resolve my anxiety and have the shadows of terror, anger, and failure flee was stronger than any habit to brood or beat myself up.

Slowly and systematically I began to give myself a transfusion of confidence and hope.

In the late 1980s, I had created a series of tapes on the power of imagination which I used consistently every morning, night, as well as many times during the day.

The process of listening to them religiously helped me to disarm myself from doubts and rebuild belief where there was none. They provided focus and concentration.

I was able to grow in the areas of optimism, self-forgiveness, motivation, persistence, confidence, and expectation of success. I let go of concerns, people, and things.

I cleared out a lot of suppressed emotions and I did it without guilt or judgment.

Have you been where I have been?

Are you faced with a healing crisis now? Are you afraid, in despair or pain?

No matter what your situation is, one thing is clear. In order to summon a healing of any kind, you must understand the Power of Imagination, the Imaginal Dynamic, the Inner You and the Principle of Imaging.

Imagining is the secret to total harmonious living and success.

Imaging creates reality.

Health, money, wealth, riches, success, gainful employment, can all imaged claimed, accepted, summoned, attracted and manifested onto the screen of space and time.

Your success in the art of living a full, rich, safe, secure, happy, peaceful, wonderful life depends on your habitual thinking, emotional moods, and the desire to change yourself from the inside out.

What is your blueprint?

It is that to which you focus your attention.

Remember, the physical manifestations always follow your vision.

Your feelings are worth a fortune. You always become what you believe and feel to be true.

In every moment and with every problem therein lies the seed of a solution. With every defeat there is a seed for success.

I am living proof imaging works for anyone who will persist, persist, persist to go through the crisis moment and the darkness until you find yourself -- the person you have always dreamed to be.

Never close a door on a dream, your dreams are calling you!

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