Luck favors the brave is a famous proverb. The terms luck and ill luck have been much misunderstood. There are people, who strongly believe in fate and daily wait for their luck to turn, to win a million dollars in a lottery and to meet their prince or princess charming. They think that without performing any actions, they will either be rich or poor one day. What a misconception of luck and fate.

Why should you envy a person, who has built up a fortune through hard work, who took a risk while you hesitated when it was time to make a decision? Luck or fate is nothing but the result of our accumulated past actions.

If an opportunity presents itself or a new job, a new business and we do not grasp it, how can we blame fate for throwing us the crumbs when we could be enjoying a rich meal. If we meet a person to whom we are attracted and with whom we feel compatible and we do not make an effort to make contact and establish a relationship, whom are we to blame but ourselves if we are lonely.

Luck is on the side of the courageous. Those who are bold do not always win, because in taking a gamble we may either win or love, but if we don’t act, we forego the chance of winning. How many of let opportunities go by and later repent at leisure?

Every time we stand at a crossroad in life, face a new situation, we are determining our future fate by our action or non-action. We must decide what is in our best interest, not let circumstances decide for us and lead us into a ditch. We must think positive because our thinking determines our future actions – and thinking is destiny.

It is extremely important to have a goal in mind. You will not get anywhere by doing the same job day in and day out. It is so easy to carry on with an established routine if you are reasonably content and no one is making your life miserable. Most of the time we decide to change our job or get out of a relationship because someone makes our life difficult. Don’t wait for that to happen. Think of what you would like to do this year that would help you make progress in your career, would improve your personal relationships or make you happier. Remember you must have a goal in mind. You must know what you want, otherwise you cannot get it. People who don’t know what they want are like people who go to a store and come back with things they don’t need.

To succeed in any aim we must be focused and concentrate on how to get there. The mind is all powerful. If you deeply concentrate on a problem or a goal, you will find the solution and the path how to get there. On the way people will come to your aid.

Focusing on your goal is like walking up a mountain – one step leads to the next until you reach the top. And once you reach the top, what exhilaration, you suddenly see things from
new and different perspectives. This will encourage you to set your sights on higher and more distant goals.

But you must keep on going. You cannot stop half way because you get tired or discouraged because you encounter seemingly insurmountable obstacles on your path. You must keep going until you reach your goal. Those who fall down and pick themselves up again and again are the ones who will be victorious in the end. Very few people become a success on the first try. President Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest Presidents of this country, failed in almost every undertaking before becoming President – but he never gave up along the way.

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Ostaro is a nationally renowned Hindy astrologer with a practice in Manhattan. He is the author of "The Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps" and co-author of "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 3". He is a media veteran and has appeared in dozens of radio and TV shows. He has authored and produced two movies "Cobra's Wish" and "Vaikoont".;