Do you think you have the power within you to heal yourself?

Whatever healing ability you think you have is only the tip of the iceberg.

How can I say that with such confidence? Because the mind, no matter how expanded, is still not big enough to hold the infinite power that moves through the body as life force. And that life force can heal you. It wants to heal you. And for life force, healing is effortless.

So, whether you believe in your ability to heal from within or you doubt it, life force does not care. It is there, ready to fix what is broken, to balance what is off balance, to correct what is distorted, and to ease what is tangled. It is ready to heal you.

What is Healing?

Since many people mean many different things when they use the word healing, I’d like to define it very clearly for our purposes. When I speak of healing, I am talking about a journey that leads to joy. It is a journey to wholeness that is fast and sure because it travels the road of “now.” It stays responsive to the uniqueness of the moment and it rides the waves of life with skill, dignity, and agility. The destination? Joyful harmonious expressiveness.

In fact, I have become so fond of the phrase “joyful harmonious expressiveness” as a statement for the destination of the healing journey, that I have created the word j-h-e or jhe as a replacement for the word health.

Why Alignment?

In order for jhe to be your experience, life force must have a clear pathway to flow through your system. The most natural and expedient way to allow life force to flow for the purpose of jhe is to bring yourself into alignment.

You are built in such a way that there are avenues of flow for this energy. These avenues exist on the physical level as well as on the energetic level.

To bring your physical structure into alignment for the purpose of healing, we have the chiropractic adjustment.

To bring your energy body into alignment for the purpose of jhe, we have inner alignment exercises and jhe sessions.

Here is an inner alignment exercise you can begin doing right now. This will set the stage for more advanced inner alignment practices you may explore in the future.

1 – sit upright on your chair or meditation cushion.

2 – with closed eyes, feel a beam of light running vertically though the center of your body. Imagine that this beam of light also runs through the center of the earth. Adjust your posture so that you are effortlessly aligned with this silent beam of light.

3 – Now feel the horizontal surface you are sitting on. Feel the perfect perpendicular set up by the beam of light and the horizontal surface. Bring yourself into resonance with the stability of that perpendicular energy structure. Feel yourself relax into a greater upright posture with less and less effort s a result of your heightened alignment.

4 – Know that every small increment of alignment contributes exponentially to the ease with which life force flows through you. Know that every slight increase in the flow of life force exponentially expands your jhe.

5 – Offer gratitude for how easy it is to come into alignment and for how abundant is the flow of life force.

This is a simple exercise that can provide you with tremendous movement if done regularly.

Never underestimate the power of your own ability to heal from within. Remember, however you understand your ability to heal, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

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