Don't you just hate stomach flabs? Yuch. Disgusting.

You see, I have a preference for tapered shirts that accentuate a V-waist form. It's one of the sexiest looks a guy can have. Check out the ramp models. They all have broad chests and tiny waists (actaully, sick pack abs without flabs)

On the quest to lose stomach flabs and replace them with rock hard abs, I discovered four killer tips that melted my once rotund stomach into washboard abs that can pulverize a boulder in a flash.

Tip 1: Walk fast- really fast. Take 40 minutes out of your day to walk really fast in the morning. Don't run. Just walk rapidly till you can feel the air gushing in and out your lungs.

Rapid walking forces the stomach muscles to contract and strengthen. It holds up the intestines and gives the appearance of melting away the flabs.

Tip 2: Kick the starches. Pastas, breads, and rice provide carbos that build up quickly around the waistline. This is a no-no on your quest for six pack supremacy.

Tip 3. Bump up the caffein. Mix a teaspoon of coffee with an eight once glass of water. Do this three times a day. It skyrockets your metabolic rate just as much as a $59 bottle of Hydroxycut or Xenadrine can.

Tip 4. Do the half plate trick. Whenever you eat, fill your plate with everything you'd love to snack on that session. But before you sit down to eat, pour half of that back onto the buffet line. You'll realize how this psychologically makes you feel full- and boosts your discipline.

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