If Goldilocks were to leaf through a few meditation books, she might find some approaches to be too hot, others too cold. But soon enough, we know she’d land on a system that feels “just right” to her. She always does.

Meditation is Like Porridge

When you take your first taste of meditation, it is good to follow your inner guidance. Too hot? Too cold? Find an approach that feels “just right” as it offers you a bridge from your every day state of mind into the clarity, awakening, and healing you seek.

Scattered Mind

In our ordinary state of mind, we rapidly alternate our focus between what is wanted and what is not wanted. This creates static in our vibration. When you focus in such a way that increases the split in your energy, you feel worse. When you deliberately select a focus that brings you into alignment, you feel better.

The more you become like Goldilocks, the more you can clearly tell which technique feels too hot, which one’s too cold, and which one is “just right” for you. The more you follow your inner guidance, the more easily and swiftly you can bring yourself into a deep and beneficial meditative state.

The Missing Ramp

Most people give up their meditation practice (or never even begin) for one reason. This reason takes many forms but there is really only one reason. It may feel like “I don’t have the time.” Or it may show up as “I don’t really understand how to do it.” It may even look like “I try but I fall asleep.”

All these obstacles to meditation are the same at their root. They may look different, but they are all evidence of something missing. The thing that is missing is a ramp.

Your mind is functioning at one frequency and meditation asks it to function at a completely different frequency. When you sit down in your everyday mental pace and ask yourself to jump levels with no ramp, you may be asking the impossible of yourself.

But when you have a ramp, you can do it. When you have a simple way to reliably move from the rhythm of your everyday mind into the rhythm of meditation, you advance rapidly. You begin to reap the benefits of meditation that usually take years and years to achieve.

Aligned Mind

A physical ramp will get your car from one level to another, but what kind of ramp will elevate your mind? The ramp that brings you comfortably into meditation is built of inner alignment. And just like Goldilocks, who knows a good ramp when she sees one, you will know you have achieved a shift in your vibration when you have found your inner alignment. It feels “just right.”

Here is an exercise you can do right now to begin your inner alignment. Try this before you meditate and see if it changes the experience for you.

1 – Sit with your spine upright and close your eyes.

2 – Imagine a vertical beam of light running through your spine. It extends infinitely above your head. It also extends below you through the center of the earth and beyond.

3 – allow your muscles to relax and let this beam of light call your spine to a relaxed and powerfully upright posture.

4 – On each in breath, feel your breath begin at the base of your spine and let it rise through the beam of light to the top your head.

5 – On each out breath, feel the breath and the light expand outward to fill your whole body. Feel it illuminate and cleanse your physical cells as well as your energy body.

This simple process of beginning your alignment with the vertical axis offers many benefits:

· It brings you into greater awareness of the now.
· It promotes healing.
· It heightens your sensory awareness so that you have more joy in your human experience.
· It augments your insights and talents.
· It increases your natural abilities by making you whole.

As you do this process, I recommend you approach it like Goldilocks. Find a way to do it that feels “just right.”

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