Many books will teach you how to meditate.

I’d like to teach you how to **really want** to meditate.

You may already want to meditate…

…but not really.

When you **really want* to meditate, some amazing things happen. I’ll tell you about that in a minute. First, I’d like to ask you 3 questions:

(1) Have you ever started a meditation practice only to gradually drop off?

(2) Have you read books on meditation, tried what they taught you, and then left it for months at a time?

(3) Do you follow a path that recommends meditation but you just can’t seem to get yourself to do it consistently?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, please read on.

Amazing Things Happen

When you **really want** to meditate, your meditation becomes deep and consistent. All the well-known benefits (and some not so well-known benefits) of meditation become yours on a daily basis.

· Your meditation practice becomes your main healing modality when you’re sick.
· Your meditation practice becomes your link to financial abundance.
· Emotional stability, inner peace, and creativity dominate your personality.
· Your innate sense of joy and freedom become your path.
· You express your talents in ever expanding ways.

Law of Attraction and the Desire to Meditate

Law of Attraction is always bringing things of a like vibration together. Thoughts attract thoughts. The fist simple and easy step that leads you to **really want** to meditate is to engage Law of Attraction. We’ll start with your current desire to meditate and transform it into something that can move mountains.

Step One:

Asking yourself why you want to meditate. Make a list of the reasons. Here are some examples.

To access:

1. joy
2. wisdom
3. inner peace
4. unconditional love
5. compassion
6. kindness
7. clarity
8. balance
9. generosity
10. integrity
11. empowerment
12. to be more truly yourself

To promote inner healing

1. physical
2. emotional
3. regarding addictions
4. regarding relationships
5. regarding past traumas
6. regarding body image

To promote harmonious relationships with:

1. partner or spouse
2. children
3. parents
4. siblings
5. co-workers
6. employers
7. employees
8. health care providers
9. landlords
10. tenants
11. clients
12. customers

To open to material well-being:

1. success in career or profession
2. financial prosperity
3. acknowledgement of your art
4. appreciation of your work
5. ease of material wealth
6. alignment with universal abundance

Write down the ones that mean the most to you on post-its and place them in your home, office, car, and anywhere else you go on a regular basis.

Write them like this: “Meditation brings me ____.” It may seem silly at first, but just do it. “Meditation brings me joy.” “Meditation brings me clients.” “Meditation brings me excellent health.” “Meditation brings me loving relationships.” Contemplate and affirm your phrases throughout the day.

Through these little post-it contemplations, you become attracted to meditation and it becomes attracted to you.

Forgive Yourself
Step two

Most systems of meditation ask you to take a big leap from your everyday mind into meditation. They ask you to sit down and begin. Just like that.

That’s great if you can do it. But if you can’t, it’s not your fault. There’s a very good reason.

It’s because you have no ramp.

Trying to rise from your everyday mind to the purer tone of meditation without a ramp is like trying to get your car from street level to the first story of a parking garage without a ramp. It’s not easy.

So, if you’ve tried and failed, forgive yourself and acknowledge that the problem was not you. The problem was that you didn’t have a ramp.

Get a Ramp
Step 3

A ramp can be any form of preparation for meditation. It provides the key to **really wanting** to meditate by making it attainable. The most effective ramp I know is inner alignment. Since the process is interesting and immediately rewarding, it is something you want to come back to day after day. Eventually you realize that you have a regular meditation practice with all the profound benefits.

Meditation can be the most difficult thing in the world or it can be easy. Inner alignment makes it easy. And when it’s easy, you may find that you **really want** to meditate.

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