With the travel budget squeezed really tight, but still having the travel bug is an issue that many people are facing right now. The good news is that you can still visit and travel to your favorite cities and enjoy the area and keep your budget in balance.

Fall is in the air and any place that has the fall show of color is a great place to visit and the color show is the best price of all, free. This is especially attractive to the people who live in an area that doesn't have the fall show of color from the trees and foliage.

Watching the leaves change color isn't your thing, you want something a little more exciting, take a vacation on the wild side and visit Las Vegas, Nevada. Not for the gambling but for enjoying all that the gorgeous casinos have to offer, and it all free for the looking, the fountains, the light show at night with all the casinos lit up, and each casino has its own special attractions that are there for your pleasure. So the cost is your transportation there, a nice hotel off of the strip and your food, which can also be a bargain if you look around for specials and many hotels give out introductory coupons. Also downtown Las Vegas is an exciting place to walk around and see the historic Vegas.

There is nothing like fall in Seattle, Washington; many times this is the best time of year to visit this green, green city that is known for its beauty and its rain. They tend to have what we call Indian Summer and that gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of their free abundance of outdoor activities. The all famous Pikes Market is a must visit, the experience is free unless of course you buy something and the experience is priceless. There are music vendors all around to entertain you and the market itself is pure fun, exciting and entertaining. They have free parks all over the city, the Discover Park is a natures paradise with walking trails, views, perfect picnicking and of course more of all the green, green that this area has to offer.

All these places are as close as your personal travel website to book your trip and on there you will find last minute travel at reduced price you will be amazed at. While you are at it look for some of the special prices on international travel also. Even though our travel budgets are a little tight right now that doesn't mean we have to stay home and not enjoy this world that we live in. Happy Traveling.

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