It’s taken me a long time to learn, and I was reminded again in working with a client today, I have the right to be wrong. Oft times, upon reflection, I am wrong.
New behaviors dictate that when I know I am wrong, I promptly admit it, and make amends when needed.
I’ve also learned that if I don’t try things, not much new will happen. Everything I try does not work out. I have made what in retrospect are large mistakes, but through them I have grown.
Today, I was listening to a person beat themselves up over a mistake. Did the self-administered beating lead to anything productive for the person other than get them to pull into a shell? Both of us knew the answer.
Was there learning available?
There sure was, the action certainly fell under the heading of what I call a sin of commission, a nothing ventured nothing gained!
On a daily business, I must remember, I have the right to be wrong. I have free will, and have yet not learned to exercise it 100% correctly, but then, I’m work in progress.
In the journey, to make progress, it is sometimes two steps forward and one step back, but this results, overall in progress!! That’s all one can ask.
It was a great weekend and a chance for reflection as I took time way from the computer and the “business” things I do, which are at times intensely personal. During a competitive round of golf, and in conversation with some I am closest to in my life, I made some mistakes and was far less than perfect. That was OK. It’s great to realize I have the right to be wrong; it is how I deal with it that matters.
Many feel driven to be “perfect” or hit a home run in every life at bat they face. It doesn’t happen, and we have to accept our humanness. Each of us has the right to be wrong, and when wrong, deal with it in a loving fashion.
What a relief to accept I’m merely human and certainly not in charge of much outside of my own life!

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Certified Life Coach and Addictions specialist.
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