So, here was my day. I started by entering 40 email addresses into my website's email program. Then I sent off an eye-catching, sounds amazing, geez-even-I-want-to sign-up email to my group of volleyball coaches from across the state. Then I skipped off to work with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. All was right with my world.

By mid-morning, curiosity got the best of me and I logged in to see how many coaches had already signed up. That's when I saw it...the big ZERO in my emails sent file.
What, my mind screamed, that can't be so! I know I entered those all correctly. I doubled checked each one. Houston, We have a Problem!

I then spent the balance of the afternoon and late into the evening reading and watching tutorial videos and cut, copying and pasting. All in an attempt to let a few good people in on the way to access a free call! Finally, in complete frustration and desperation, I resigned to breaking out the debit card and signing up for some "show me how to" coaching from my website developers. By the time I was finished, I had choked up Paypal, loaded and reloaded my order and purchased coaching help three different times using two forms of currency, US and Canadian! Hope I can fix that at the bank in the morning!

What happened then was indeed strange. I moaned and groaned loudly to my husband and then pounded my head against my computer desk for a few short bursts. I headed to the freezer for a chocolate fix and downed the rest of the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies! The cookies must have triggered a childhood memory because next I found myself searching in my daughters' rooms looking for the Dr. Seuss book, "If I Ran the Circus".

Ah yes, if I ran the circus, the world would be a different place. My Dad used to read that book to us at bedtime. He really got a kick out of all the made up words and silly rhymes. When I read it now, I can hear his voice, his flare, his diction, his joy........

If I Ran the Circus, the world would change. Toilet seats would magically figure out the gender of the person entering the room and would adjust themselves accordingly. Cars and sidewalks would solar heat themselves so as to never need scooping or scraping on cold winter mornings, Neighborhood dogs could only bark after 10 AM and until 3 PM. Money in my bank account would always be plentiful and credit card statements would be sent marked PAID. I could loose weight as easily as I put it on and cheesecake would taste delicious and not make you fat! People would ask to clean my house because it gave them such a sense of self satisfaction from helping others! And my computer programs would do as I thought they should using only my thoughts to guide them!

Just like Dr. Seuss, I was using my imagination, only my story doesn't rhyme. What's your story? What would you do if you ran the circus? I'm sure I could create a better world. And my reality is that I am creating a better world. I am joyful when I can help others. I continue to create a loving family. I constantly strive to see the greatness in everyone and the lessons in every difficult time.

Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to reconnect us to our joy. If you want to act like a child again, get yourself a copy of the book and read it out loud to your favorite kid. Become "A wink-hooded Hoodwink who winks in his wink-hood. Without a good wink-hood, a Hoodwink can't wink good." And have some fun.

Author's Bio: 

PEP Coach stands for Positively Empowering People and that is what I do as a certified life coach. I also am passionate about the sport of volleyball. I believe in blending the mind/body/spirit connection for peak athletic performance. My motto is; You have to think anyway so you might as well THINK BIG!