“I can’t find my black socks,” the husband calls out to his wife as she is getting the children ready for their family outing. A minute later, on the verge of exasperation, the wife goes to her husband. He is still searching through the top dresser drawer where she told him he would find the black socks. One quick look in the drawer and the wife rapidly made the decision to see peace and love. In other words, not allow the triggering of neurotransmitters that would negatively cause her to react to the fact that her husband had the black socks in his hand! He had unconsciously picked up the black socks to move them out of the way to look for those exact socks. How often do we NOT see what is right in front of us, in our grasp?

Human beings don’t make peace and love, but perceive peace and love. The perception of peace and love is mental and then manifest. We can hone our ability to more frequently distinguish and identify the peace and love that comes from God, Spirit, as we stop the habit of restrictively expecting peace and love to come from human beings or mortal conditions. It is also important not to assume our perception of peace and love has reached a pinnacle. There is always more goodness to see and feel in the infinite.

Improved perceptions and behavior originate in spiritual truth. Some people like to open their eyes and minds, others struggle to accept something greater than their own knowledge, and some people think they know it all. However, improved perceptions do not originate in a physical truth, or by pretending things are peaceful, or in the status quo. It requires a conscientious effort to admit tangible spiritual truth which reveals improved behavior. Point is: it is our divine right to choose to increase the frequency of perceiving improvement.

All people can see and grasp peace and love. Spiritual perception is available to us all no matter what our background or physical situation. Peace and love are detectable by means of our sixth sense per se, and the source of peace and love, God, is understandable. Bear in mind: we cannot confine the understanding of God to a human definition. How one person may understand God is not necessarily the way another person understands Infinite Being. How one person may see the socks is not necessarily the way another person may see the socks, but they are seeable.

Perception of peace and love can’t be restricted to human imprints. Peace and love cannot be controlled by human reactions or chemical imprints. Even when we are dealing with brainless or frustrated behavior, there is a living powerful state of Mind we can tap into as a source of ongoing progressive ideas. From 21st Century Science and Health, the first English revision of Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health, “Enoch’s perception was not confined to the evidence before his physical senses. Therefore, he ‘walked with God’—he ascended. Enoch was guided into the demonstration of life eternal.” (Enoch reference Gen. 5:24 & Heb. 11:5) Records say Enoch was saved from death, as was Elijah and Christ Jesus. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. But, the spiritual truth of ascending thought (A.K.A. Thinking outside of the box) is exemplified by many people throughout history who strive to un-confine themselves, un-confine humanity, from behavior affected by brain imprints, DNA, and religiosity. When confronted by fear and hate, these people prove our ability to act according to peace and love versus survival of the fittest.

Our indelible right to increased frequency of peace and love is interrelated to our un-confined spiritual understanding of God. Admittedly, it is not only difficult, but also impossible to believe in an unattached, confused, stupid God. However, as we stop confining ourselves to human viewpoints of God and instead demonstrate improved views, rooted in our ever increasing understanding of Infinite Being, we cannot help but perceive the possibility of peaceful and loving development. This truth inspires our human mind, even during hard times, to recognize spiritual improvement, right in front of us and in our grasp.

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Cheryl Petersen's book "21st Century Science and Health" is the first English revision and update of Mary Baker Eddy's "Science and Health" written in 1875. Timeless truths teach the reader how to heal spiritually. Her book can be found online at Healing Science Today