What is your relationship to the recession?

We've heard some people say, "Ain't it awful."

We've heard others say, "I choose not to participate."

And we've found those who live in the middle and say, "I'm fine, no matter what."

Where are you? Consider the possibility that the current economic crisis may be no more than a mid-term exam here in the "school of life."

Think back on how your consciousness has shifted as you have become more and more aware. Take a moment to remember all the experiences you've gone through, struggling to trust that your life is in Divine order. All of these tough times of the past have been deposited in your "life bank account" of lessons learned. Each one of your soul lessons has brought you to this "now" moment. And in this now "recession moment" you have an opportunity to look at your beliefs about money and abundance.

What is the source of your abundance? Is it your job, your investments, the stock market, your savings and retirement funds? Or, is your source of abundance far greater and more lasting than those transitory elements of your life? Consider that Source, the Spirit that breathes you, makes your heart beat and literally gives you life, is also the perfect provider of each and every gift and experience you receive this lifetime.

In this recession we have an opportunity to learn that money is not the same as abundance. As we downsize and simplify our lives, we become aware that true abundance is not found in material things. Abundance is an inner sense of well being. It exists "in here" and not "out there."

It's time to look inside. Do you have an inner sense of peace, joy, love, and harmony? The recession is a wonderful opportunity to be grateful for the many gifts you already have.

It's now up to you to decide if you're going to focus on what you have or what you don't have. Are you going to be grateful, or are you going to jump into the future and scare yourself by imagining what fearful thing could happen next?

We've found it helpful when fear is here, to come back to the present moment, breathe, and remember we're alive, we're safe, and right here, right now---all is well.

The recession is not the problem. The recession is the solution. Recession is not the disease, it's the cure. Houses that had risen to ridiculously unaffordable prices are now affordable. Out of control spending by both government and the people is now brought back into moderation. Sanity can return to the market place.

It's never what happens to us that counts, it's what we do with what happens to us that matters. A willingness to learn our soul lessons quickly and shift to a positive perspective is essential. When we respond to events with a higher level of consciousness, we open a whole new world of potentiality providing room to create an entirely different reality.

If we can see the positive side of the recession, we can take a giant leap in learning that every experience we have contains a potential blessing. The recession is an opportunity to see the gift in each and every experience we have in this lifetime. If we learn from this one, we'll change our entire future. Remember, the future is always a result of what we're thinking in the present moment. It's created using our existing level of Spiritual awareness.

The secret to passing this mid-term exam in the "school of life," is to listen to your Inner Guidance. This is the opportunity we've been waiting for to transform and to embrace a new reality.

To find your connection to that Inner Guidance "be still and know." Take a few moments to look inside. Take a few deep breaths and then ask, in a deep way, to be guided by Spirit. Spirit responds by invitation. Your job is to then be alert for whatever promptings come your way. Notice coincidences and synchronicities. They are signs that you're following your Inner Guidance.

As we go through this experience together let's all remember the Universe makes empty what's full and full what's empty. There's no question we have to go through this recession. Our best hope is to allow ourselves to move through it quickly. So, let go and enjoy the ride.

Author's Bio: 

Ron and Denny Reynolds of Alamo, California are founders of "The New Perspective, A Spiritual Foundation" and authors of "The New Perspective: Ten Tools for Self -Transformation." For details on their books and workshops visit their web site at thenewperspective.com.