Have you been hearing a lot about the Human Growth Hormone (hGH) lately? It’s been hard to avoid hearing about its ability to reverse the aging process and restore the aging body. Study after study has detailed the rejuvenating effects of hGH on almost every system of the body.

Just what is the human growth hormone (hGH)? It is a substance naturally produced by your own pituitary gland. It is necessary for the healthy functioning and the rejuvenation of every cell and every system of the body.

Without it:

? your immune system won’t function
? your thymus gland shrinks
? your skin wrinkles and thickens
? your hair turns white
? your eyes grow dim
? you lose your memory
? you gain weight and flab
? you lose interest in sex

How is hGH responsible for all these functions? It appears that hGH jump-starts older cells. It pushes the cells so that they go into the repair and reproductive stage more quickly.

Unfortunately, our repair and reproductive cycle starts to slow down as we age. Growth hormone starts declining shortly after the average person reaches his/her 20s. It declines even more in the 30s and 40s and beyond. By the time the average person reaches age 60, the pituitary secretes only 25% of the growth hormone it did at age 20. This results in the shrinkage of major organs and the onset of all other symptoms related to old age.

Studies Show Amazing Rejuvenating Effect of hGH

A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine in l990 stunned the medical establishment:

After six months of treatment with injections of human growth hormone (hGH), a group of men between the ages of 61 and 81, gained an average of 8.8 percent in lean body mass and lost an average of 14.4 percent in fat mass. The skin thickened by 7.1 percent, and the liver and spleen grew by 19 percent and 17 percent, as well.

The author of the study, Daniel Rudman, M.D., concluded:

“The effects of six months of human growth hormone on lean body mass and adipose tissue mass were equivalent in magnitude to the changes (that) occurred during 10 to 20 years of aging.?

Stanford University researchers came to the same conclusion in 1992. Other researchers also agreed with these findings.

Dr. Bob Goldman, President of the National Academy of Sports Medicine stated:

“Growth hormone replacement therapy may be the most powerful tool in slowing human aging, and human growth hormone may yet prove to be the silver bullet against the demon of the degenerative diseases of aging.?

Study after study has detailed the rejuvenating effects of hGH on almost every system of the body. Reshapes Body

Studies on the human growth hormone have shown that it actually reshapes physical contours.

According to Dr. Edmund Chein, hGH is unlike any other treatment or therapy for removing fat because it works with the body rather than against it. Doctors claim that hGH actually changes the hormonal message that tells your body to store fat ?that it works with the body rather than against it. After ending a diet, most people quickly regain the lost pounds because the hormonal message that tells you body to store fat has not been changed. Growth hormone can actually change that message.

Boosts Immunity

The immune system is the foundation of a long and healthy life. Many researchers have shown that when the immune system is compromised, life span is cut short. hGH therapy can directly impact immune function. It dramatically increases the activity of all major immune cell types, including T-cells, B-cells, natural killer cells, and macrophages. Even more surprising, it boosts levels of cytokines (critical immune system messengers), such as interleukin 1, immunoglobulin G, and tumor necrosis factors. hGH can even reverse the inevitable shrinking of the thymus gland, a key component of the immune system.

Strengthens the Heart

In another study, patients with moderate to severe heart disease were given hGH. Every other day for three months. When the patients were re-tested after three months of treatment, their heart walls were thicker and showed marked improvement in their ability to contract and pump blood, as well as a dramatic improvement in endurance.

Improves Memory

Further studies showed marked improvement in memory, the ability to think and reason, improved mental clarity, alertness and concentration. While other studies found that damaged neurons in the brain were regenerated. Lifts Mood and Energy

Many these patients have reported a noticeable increase in energy after only one month of treatment. After six months of treatment, their psychological well-being improved greatly, as well. Rejuvenates Skin; Thickens Hair

Growth Hormone can take a decade off aging skin because it can stop the skin from sagging or shrinking. Skin can become thicker and regain elasticity because of its ability to stimulate protein synthesis. It also thickens hair growth and stimulates faster growth. Improves Vision

Growth Hormone also improves the elasticity of the lens of our eye, improving both night vision and near vision.

It is being used to reverse chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, chronic fatigue, heart disease and many others. Extends Life

Researchers found that GH therapy prolonged the life of treated mice significantly.

Warning: The Little-Known Dangers

Although hGH produces amazing results, it also has a dark side that is rarely publicized. When taken alone or in excess dosages, growth hormone can have an unnatural stimulating action and can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), lowered output of the body’s own growth hormone, and acromegaly (abnormal bone growth in the wrists, hands and feet).

Even worse, other studies published in Cancer Research and the Journal of Endocrinology suggest that excess hGH may promote tumor growth (Cancer Research 1995, 1997).

In addition, it is expensive and difficult to administer. It is currently illegal to sell without a prescription - only licensed medical doctors can dispense hGH, with costs ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 a year.

Such exorbitant costs put hGH out of the reach of the normal person - as perhaps it should be, considering the difficult and unpleasant side effects.

But is there a way to slow down the decline of hGH in our bodies? Is there a way to produce enough of our own so that we don’t need to ingest it?

The Real Reason Growth Hormone Declines with Age

While it is true that our growth hormone levels may decline with age, our pituitary’s capacity to produce growth hormone does not. The pituitary maintains its ability to produce adequate hGH well into old age. So why do hGH and IGF-1 levels decline?

Some researchers have pinpointed these factors:

? A hypothalamus that has lost its sensitivity? Unless the hypothalamus sends signals to the pituitary, the pituitary will not produce growth hormone.
? Decreased liver function ? The liver is the organ responsible for converting growth hormone into IGF-1. If the liver is not functioning optimally due to age, disease or diet, only partial conversion of hGH into IGF-1 will occur.
? Lack of deep sleep ? Most of our growth hormone is produced during slow wave deep sleep (known as stage IV delta wave sleep). Inadequate deep sleep can result in slowed growth hormone production.
? Blood sugar levels that consistently stay too high ? High blood sugar levels prevent the hypothalamus from secreting GHRH, the hormone responsible for telling the pituitary to produce growth hormone. How to Safely Unlock the Anti-Aging Power of Growth Hormone

Treating the body with growth hormone alone has its dangers. Isn’t it better to encourage the body to resume its natural production of growth hormone and IGF-1? The key to safely unlocking the benefits of growth hormone is to nourish and balance, not stimulate. This means supporting the liver, pituitary and hypothalamus with amino acids, herbal extracts, essential oils and growth hormone releasers. It also means avoiding reliance on single hormone supplements.

By activating the organs involved in the natural production of growth hormone and IGF-1, powerful anti-aging effects can be achieved with minimal side effects or long-term complications.

Several nutrients, including dl methionine (a natural substance that prevents fat accumulation in the liver), Oregon grape root, and Chinese Wolfberry, have been shown to bolster liver function.

Recent research indicates that petrochemicals may also tie up growth hormone IGF-1 receptors, thereby preventing growth hormone from being absorbed into the body. This is why avoidance of synthetic or petrochemical-based personal care products is essential.

European studies have shown that essential oils high in sesquiterpenes, such as myrrh, (Commiphora myrrha), clary sage (Salvia sclarea), and sandalwood (Santalum album), oxygenate and stimulate the hypothalamus and pituitary glands.

Research presented in Grasse, France, in 1995 showed that when high-sesquiterpene essential oils are inhaled, they exert an extraordinary action on the limbic system of the brain, an area which comprises the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands. Brain scans revealed a dramatic increase in activity in the hypothalamic region of the brain following inhalation of the essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood.

Another researcher, Alan Hirsch. M.D., Director of the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago has shown that several fragrances - including peppermint - exert a highly stimulating effect on the hypothalamus of the brain. Peppermint seems to act specifically on the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus, which regulates many basic drives, including the sense of satiety (the feeling of fullness generated by eating).

Exercise is one of the most effective natural growth hormone releasers, especially if it is a sustained high-intensity exercise such as running and resistance training (weight lifting). These activities increase the quantity of growth hormone by increasing the sensitivity of the hypothalamus.

Multi-hormone replacement, rather than replacement of only one or two hormones, better mimics the body's natural balance and is far superior to using growth hormone alone.

Combining human growth hormone releasers with essential oils, along with exercise and a careful diet, is the safest and most natural solution to human Growth Hormone deficiency.

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