The buzzwords today are “Follow your passion, do what you love, work in your strengths.” However, many are still searching for their passion because they are lacking a system that helps them discover who they are. The buzzword makers assume it’s easy to find your passion because they magically did -- and kind of leave you hanging when it’s your turn.

I help people discover their passion. I’ve counseled over 30,000 people and the most rewarding thrill is when the light bulb goes off in their heads and they get their “A Ha!” -- the moment they discover who they were born to be and what they were born to do. I realized they were asking much more than “what job am I suited for?” They were really asking “what should I do with my life?”

In 1998 I wrote Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love, The popular method for matching your personality to your career. True ColorsTM explains that our personalities are a combination of four main types using color as a metaphor. Are you a thinker, always analyzing, like a GREEN? Do you prefer inspiring people and building their self-esteem as a BLUE? Are you the responsible one who is always on time and keeping everyone else on time like a GOLD? Or do you thrive on entertaining and persuading people, like an ORANGE? My website has a free quiz so you can find out what color you are. True Colors™ has been around since 1979 when Don Lowry modeled it as a graphical presentation of both Keirsey’s Temperament and the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator.

I believe we were all born with natural gifts and talents that we bring into the world to make our contribution. Many people live their life and never find or accept these special gifts. Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love is the tool that leads you on a path of self-discovery to determine what your unique gifts are and how to use them to live your life with passion.

I see so many people who have careers based on their weaknesses, or last color, because they are unclear about their natural strengths. Sound familiar? Often this is a result of living according to who we were told we should be and what we should do.

Once you know your True Colors™, the next steps include learning about the important values you want to express in your work, your transferable skills, and examples of occupations that match who you are. For example, some of my BLUE values are compassion, harmony, and spirituality, and my skills include communicating from my heart and inspiring others to go with their strengths and find their passion. I use my values and skills to do the work I love as a counselor, trainer and writer.

When I work with clients I often see their True Colors™ immediately. However, I let them sort the cards and discover for themselves who they are. You too, can do this with Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love. My passion is to unleash the passion in you.

Author's Bio: 

In 1988 I took a True Colors™ training and knew I had stumbled onto my calling. My passion surfaced and I immediately started using it, both on myself and clients. I discovered my true self and my life’s purpose. My biggest breakthrough came when I discovered that I had been living the life of a person my mother told me I “should be.” This kept me confused and out of touch with my true self and my passion. I grew up not having a clue about who I am. I couldn’t find my passion as long as I was trying to be the Gold person I learned to be. When I discovered that I am Blue I felt validated for the first time. Being a sensitive and emotional person didn’t mean there was something wrong with me, I was just different from my mother. As I began to see the real me, I could also see my true gifts. I felt reconnected to my spirit and my purpose for being here.

Carolyn Kalil, MA
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