This article gives excerpts of personal results that people have achieved through their participation in the Landmark Forum and other Landmark Education programs, and links back to where the original stories appeared so that they can be read in their entirety.

Charles Lim

The biggest thing I got out of the Landmark forum was my relationship with my father. I had resented my father for sixteen years before I did the Landmark Forum. Sixteen years ago my mum died which was painful enough but within two months of her death my father remarried. I was devastated…

During the Landmark Forum I was introduced to many new distinctions and in the midst of this - suddenly I saw who my father really was. I was awakened to the fact that I had got it all wrong. He remarried so soon because he loved all my other three siblings and me. We were a young family and my dad could not leave the business to take care of a young family. My mother had worked in the family business. So the next best thing was to bring someone into the family to take care of the children. I then could see how courageous he was to do what he did.

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John Grande

John Grande thought he was a failure. He hadn’t graduated from high school, he was barely getting by in his business (he regarded himself as too stupid to ever be very successful in life), and he suffered panic attacks on a regular basis. He completed some of Landmark Education’s programs he began to have breakthroughs in his personal life. He got his business stable. He no longer saw himself as stupid. However, when he completed the Landmark Advanced Course he saw a new possiblity for his life that was bigger than anything he had ever imagined and that was way beyond what he thought he was capable of…

…John saw a much bigger possibility to make a difference in the 10 million corneally blind people outside of this country who were getting little to no medical care at all.
Grande committed to raising $50,000 to found an eye bank in Bangladesh, which he did within the three months of the program, and the country soon had its first eye bank.

Grande was just getting started. He knew he would have to travel all over the world and he declared his panic attacks to be a thing of the past. He hasn’t had one since. He committed to raising $150,000 to found a larger eye bank in Bombay, India, which he also did within the year…

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Father Eamonn O’Connor

My name is Eamonn O’Connor. I am an Irish Catholic priest. My first twelve years of priesthood were full of activity and very fulfilling. In later years, something was missing. Even the things in my ministry that had given me great joy in the past now seemed dull and empty…

…At a break during The Landmark Forum, someone asked me about my profession and I said that I was a priest. I could see they were surprised and had a question about why a priest would be participating in the program. I let them know that priests are human beings, too, with the same ups and downs in life that we all face.

After The Landmark Forum, I renewed the most significant relationships in my life. This didn’t happen overnight. It was an ongoing process. Looking back on my life, I saw how I had allowed myself to be trapped in an unhappy state of mind…
… I now see the world as wonderful and see it with different eyes. The taste and colour that I had been missing are back in all their fullness. The fulfilment I once felt in my ministry has returned and is greater now than it ever was.

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The author is a writer and world traveler who enjoys writing about people and communities coming together.