A few weeks ago, I sat at the airport waiting for a good friend to arrive from Florida. As I was waiting, I decided to return a call to a previous client. Anita had called to start up her Law of Attraction coaching again. She had taken two months off to go to Europe on a cycling trip.

Anita had just purchased a small fitness chain and it was already growing beyond anything that she had ever imagined. Anita was using the principles of the Law of Attraction that she had learned when we had worked together before she had gone on her trip to Europe. Anita would travel across the country to each of her gyms to ensure that they were doing what she had envisioned when she purchased the company. Anita was known as a hands-on owner. She understood that her communication would need to be at a very high level with each of the gym managers and employees.

Anita had taken on a very personal sense of responsibility with respect to communication in her business. She wanted her employees to feel safe and to speak freely during the transition of learning to work with a new owner. We had worked together on the Law of Attraction principles in attracting this new business. Now, she wanted to further her knowledge of these principles to ensure that her employees felt safe and that they could continue to grow the business together.

Think about it! How often does this really happen? I just read in a report published by the Wall Street Journal that only 69% of employees report feeling safe enough to question instructions and directives. Can you imagine the questions, feelings, and thoughts that must arise around new ownership of a company?

When Anita and I started our calls again, I mentioned that as a result of employees not feeling safe within a company, bad ideas go unchallenged and good ideas never get heard. When employees do not feel safe speaking freely, they often hesitate to question directions when needed, and they make up what they don’t understand. I emphasized to Anita that by using the Law of Attraction principles, we could create an environment with the open communication that is essential for personal, professional, and political health. By ensuring that we elevated the level of discourse in all of these areas, employees will start to feel safe and will less likely feel as if they will be unpleasantly surprised.

Using the Law of Attraction principles, Anita sat down and created the following phrases for her employees. She remembered that you attract whatever it is that you give out at any given time. By using the Law of Attraction principles, tips, steps, and strategies that she had learned, she was able to design these types of questions.

• If you ever wonder whether or not you should tell me something, just go ahead and tell me.
• Is there anything going on that I might want to know about?
• I trust your expertise in your own areas. I need to be updated to keep myself in the loop.
• I want to check in with you, rather than check up on you.
• I am committed to letting you know about anything that affects you. Please be certain to let me know about anything that affects me as your boss and the group as a whole.
• What can I do to support your work?
• Let’s find the best way to get this done.
• If you have objections to this initiative, what would they be?
• Do you see a better way of doing this?
• What have I overlooked?

Anita is already seeing changes within the company. Her employees sense trust and respect from her. They ran a special program to attract new members to join their gym and they attracted so many clients that Anita believes that she may be looking for larger space for one of her premier gyms. She attributes this success to how “attractive” her employees feel and are when working with the public. They are comfortable and are heard, which allows them to serve their clientele in the highest and best way possible.

How attractive are you with your business? Are you attracting more clients than you can handle? If not… why not?

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