Lately, we have been hearing more and more about vision and mission statements for businesses. I sometimes treat myself to Starbucks for coffee. Their mission statement is proudly displayed for everyone to see. This lets you know exactly what their commitment is and their level of involvement with their mission. And, we can find more and more companies following the Starbucks example.

As a coach, I find that people burn out more from a lack of purpose than from a lack of energy. People are often asking themselves, “Why are we here?” and, “What are we trying to do?”

A client of mine ran a large printing business. She asked me how to write a mission statement using the Law of Attraction. I asked her about the company that she owned and about the issues she faced. She told me that four people on her team had written out a mission statement. They had inserted a couple of values into the mission statement that they insisted that their employees follow.

After creating the mission statement, they posted it everywhere in the office. One of the primary values in the statement was respect. They wanted their employees to respect their clients, vendors, and coworkers. However, one of the executives who helped write the statement believed in management by intimidation—he yelled at the staff during meetings, sometimes yelled at clients, and was extremely rude to vendors.

None of the employees believed in the mission statement. They reasoned that if respect was truly part of the mission, this executive would not be allowed to behave in such a disrespectful way.

Can you start to understand what happened? This executive was attracting more and more disrespect. And as a result, the entire team attracted more and more disrespect and lacked harmony. Their mission statement could not serve its purpose, which was to unite the team through common goals and values. A mission statement needs to be put into use for it to work.

The entire team needed to walk the talk if they wanted to attract respect and harmony into the company. If they didn’t, they would simply attract more of the same. Not writing the mission statement would have been better than writing it, if they had no intention of following it. Otherwise, writing a mission statement can create more harm than good.

I suggested to my client that if the entire team was willing to commit to the principles and standards they had written, they would attract much more than just respect—they would not be able to imagine how many wonderful opportunities and situations they would attract. When applying the Law of Attraction principles, you attract more of what you are thinking and feeling—in any situation.

I suggested that she sit down and ask her executives a few deeper questions that would help them attract respect, as well as more success, happier employees, and repeat and referral business. Here are the questions that I suggested she ask her team:

• What are their top priorities?
• What are you here to accomplish?
• Why is the team/department important?
• What make us great?
• What makes us unique?
• What is our greatest contribution to the world/customer/company?
• What do our customers really want from us?
• What do you like about our company?
• In what way are your interests not represented?
• Considering the input, what do you think is our mission?
• How can we rank these missions?
• Which of these missions is of the highest priority?
• What would make our mission statement more relevant for you?

They sat down and created a lengthy list of what they did not want in their business. Then, they created an even lengthier list of what they did want in their business using their answers to the questions above. With that, they created a new mission statement using the Law of Attraction to bring to their workplace the kind of values that everyone would enjoy. They became excited over the possibilities for their company and now understood how they had attracted what they were. Creating this new list of values that they wanted to represent opened their minds and their eyes.

Things are really rocking there now. Everyone is happy and it shows. How do I know this? Sick time has dropped by 26% and the company is looking forward to a very prosperous year!

Are you walking your talk with your mission and vision statement? What are you attracting?

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