How to find the best Corporate housing location.

Many people travel for business. They fly here or there and stay for a few days and then return home. Most of the time these people will stay at a hotel when they are away. But, there are a lot of people that travel for business purposes but are on the job for months. They might be working on a project such as the construction of a new building or they could be accountants in town to audit a business. Both of these are actual examples of people that have stayed with me.

What these people look for is comfort, convenience and a touch of home.

When looking for a place to stay there are several things to do before traveling to your new location that will make sure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.

The first thing is to find out where you will be working. This is important especially in a larger city. There is Corporate Housing all over the city and unless you like traffic you can usually need to find a location near your job site. This can save you a lot of travel time back and forth from work everyday. With all of the mapping sites on the Internet such as Mapquest or Maps On Us this is easy to do.

The next step is to get on the Internet and locate Corporate Housing Companies in the city in which you will be traveling. There are a number of national companies that have locations all of the world but there are also some smaller companies that specialize in a certain city or area.

Next, get in contact with theses companies and find the ones that have housing closest to where you will be working. You also want to see if they have a website so that you can go to it and preview where you will be staying. Most websites list the amenities of the complex and of each individual apartment. Another good thing to do is to check a local newspaper online before the trip. Many companies advertise there.

After checking everything out and finding the best and the closest place call ahead of time and make your reservations. It is usually best to have a place to stay when you arrive.

Other things you will want to look for are supermarkets and restaurants in the area. You will also do well if you can arrive a day before you start so that you can scout out the town and find the best way to the job site. You will also want to locate gas stations, banks and any other amenity that will make your time away feel more like home.

You can also subscribe to the local newspaper. Most newspapers usually run a listing of restaurants and clubs and they also offer coupons to get discounts at restaurants. Another money saving tip is to sign up for discount cards at the local grocery stores. These cards can save you a lot of money on each and every trip to get groceries.

Another good tip is to bring a few pictures from home, your wife, your kids, and a picture of your dog. This little touch can make your apartment alittle more familiar and alittle more like home.

Bring your favorite CD’s and DVD’s with you. If you have a membership card to a video rental store bring it with you. Most national chains will honor them anywhere.

Set up a checking account if you do not find a branch of you bank in town. There are a lot of places that will not accept out-of –town checks. Sometimes though it is hard to set-up an account if you are just in town for a short time, but if you have an address it usually helps. Don’t forget to close the account when you leave.

All of this little tips should add up to a very enjoyable stay during your time away from home.

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