There's something to be said for being in the moment and open to inspiration. I have all of my articles laid out for the entire year, but somehow today I was pulled to write a slightly different message for this month. I've learned from experience to go where inspiration leads me, so here we go.

The other evening I turned on the tube to find a commercial playing. The ad was from a life insurance company, this much I did catch, but I wasn't listening to the content. What did strike me and capture my attention was their play with the word "LIFE". It was so profound I see it now in my mind as I'm writing. The visual was the word "IF" coming out of the word "LIFE". All I could think of is, hey that would make a great lead in to a coaching tool!

Being playful and creative are sources of discovery. So let's be playful with this visual. Can you see it? The word "IF" coming out of the word "LIFE". What happens when we view life this way? What is the effect?

Here are some of the ways we sabotage ourselves, living only in the IF realm without LIFE. See how many you have hidden behind.

) I don't even dare to dream of about a future with my perfect partner because what happens IF I get hurt again?
) IF I was smarter I could run my own business.
) IF I had more experience as a writer I could finish that book.
) IF I was more outgoing I would have more friends.
) IF my family supported me more I could run a marathon.
) IF my boss didn't talk to me that way I could do a better job.
) IF I had more time I could .....!
) IF I become true to who I really am, my family will disown me.
) IF only I had more money I could...!
) I am so busy, IF I could afford an assistant...

So how did you do? It's a little shocking isn't it? How many times does IF get in our way? Life would be so good without the IF's that stop us. Interesting how one small word can be so controlling - when we let it.

Now what happens when we do the opposite. In your minds eye, see the word "IF" again. Now see it coming into and landing in the word "LIFE", completing it. How is this experience different?

) IF I hadn't gone to Vancouver I wouldn't have met so many creative and motivating people.
) IF I didn't have the courage to go into a new field of work, I wouldn't have found my true passion.
) IF I don't allow my self to dream, what might I loose?
) IF I stop for a moment and ask myself what is the next best thing I can do - I will add focus and purpose to my day.
) IF I ask for help from others I will be more successful.
) IF I become all that I can be For the world, I will be living my passion.
) IF I love myself first others will love me for who I am.

All these are examples of living LIFE within the IF realm. These amplify living your potential and stepping in, to play the Masters Game full on. Can you feel the difference on small word can make? Can you see the difference one small change to your perspective makes? Can you hear that small inner voice declaring who you want to be? This one small way of being, doing or having, makes a giant difference to the way you live LIFE.

How do you choose to live? LIFE is good - when we choose it to be. There are possibilities everywhere when we are open to them. There are opportunities everywhere when we allow them to be. Is the time right for you to get the support you need to move forward so that the results you get are the ones you really want?

It is with love and support that I impart this wisdom for you to use. I wish you happiness, prosperity, and health in this most amazing month.

In Joy,

Author's Bio: 

As a Life DESIGN coach and Director of Virtuosity Coaching Inc., Teresa Groendahl supports service professionals and teams to design ways and strategies to put their passions and strengths to work for them. Her clients realize their inherent potential and transform not only their professional lives, but, and perhaps more importantly, their personal lives. Through working together her clients get in control of their lives; reach financial and emotional freedom; create an effective agenda; and relax more enabling them to enjoy the journey.

For more than 25 years Teresa worked with people to create strategies for financial success. Now as a Certified Erickson Professional Coach and facilitator of the Leading from your Strengths® technologies she supports people to create abundance in all aspects of their lives.

No stranger to the challenges of juggling family, work and all the extras in between, she understands what it takes to do more than just survive. Through these challenges she finds opportunities for growth personally and professionally. The future holds many exciting things and as Teresa heads into the second half of her life she has been noted as saying “The first 50 years I have been in training, the next are for living fully.”