Welcome, we are at a pivotal turning point in our evolutionary process. The council said January through March is a time that we are releasing and transmuting residual energies from 2006, the year of the “Soul Retrieval”.

We are being asked to stretch, allow and ground into our “new” bodies. The indigenous cultures have been calling these “new’ bodies the homoluminous (light body) bodies for centuries.

We are receiving so much help from the ascended master, guides and the angelic realm. The magnetic grids that are around the earth and our own energy fields are shifting and re-aligning to expand and increase our frequencies. As we re-align ourselves, we are opening up to areas around our thymus. The guides say we are learning a “new language” of love and compassion.

As we allow, expand and ground into our “new” bodies, we will experience more bliss in our lives, we will see more synchronistic events occur, and feel more interconnected with oneness that is profoundly peaceful. We are re-membering and re-connecting to our Divine Blueprints. They are within our DNA and remind us that we are all Masters.

I have also noticed that as we are going through this re-alignment some people are feeling shaky, uncertain, and anxious. The feeling of isolation and confusion is another common symptom. When we understand that this is the process of releasing and re-aligning, we can ALLOW, go with the flow, and expand our energy fields.

The guides are encouraging us to increase our daily energy maintenance. They are saying that to re-align in the AM and PM and throughout the day will help us to ground these higher frequency energies with grace and ease. We are re-connecting to the knowledge that we can command our energy to release from past patterns. We are master. We are fully stepping into our divinity through our Divine Blueprints.

So remember to center, breathe, expand, re-align, and go with the flow of the energy washes. Open up my heart and extend love and compassion to each and every one of you. We are all in this bridging period together, waking each other up to the “new” earth.

Author's Bio: 

Internationally known Master Intuitive, Kerrie O'Connor has the amazing ability to energetically read your unique energy field and like a tuning fork, help raise your vibrational levels so that you can attract what you truly desire in life. Kerrie's powerful lifelong connection to Spirit has honed her extraordinary intuitive abilities which she is dedicated to using to help humanity remember and re-awaken to their Divine Heritage and Empowerment. www.kerrieoconnor.com