The main contributing factors to failure on a weight loss program are hunger and energy loss. The majority of foods today, even “good foods” such as fruit and vegetables, are nutritionally deficient due to over processing, chemical spraying, early harvesting and, in the case of meats, use of antibiotics. As a result of these factors, the average person would need to consume around 4000 calories worth of food to meet their daily nutritional requirements. For women the recommended daily intake is around 1500 and for men around 2500 so it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what we’d all look like if we ate 4000 calories per day!

It takes only one nutrient deficiency for the body to attempt to satisfy that deficiency by increasing the appetite, hence the cravings and hunger that dieters face daily, not to mention the lethargy and tiredness caused by the lack of proper fuel. Couple this with a typical “diet plan” of restricting food intake (and therefore restricting nutrition in an already deficient diet) and it’s not hard to see why 70% of people fail on a typical weight loss program. The body actually needs good nutrition to perform all of it’s functions properly so without this, the body malfunctions! Fat is not metabolized, toxins are not processed, good nutrients are not utilized properly and any of the 70% of other ailments and illnesses caused by a bad diet could also rear their ugly head. So the dieter is not only trying to cope with the mental challenges of being on a “diet” but is also expecting the body to perform properly and burn fat even though it is not being given the right fuel in order to do so. It’s no wonder weight loss can be so difficult!

In stark contrast to all of this, it’s been proven that by using nutritionally balanced meal replacements and supplementation, with the guidance of a professional coach, success is increased by 300%.

Meal replacements and supplementation are the perfect way to give the body it’s full daily nutritional requirements without all the calories, making weight loss a breeze! Not only will hunger and cravings diminish but energy levels will increase and amazing health benefits can also be experienced, simply because the body is finally receiving the fuel it needs to heal it’s existing ailments.

A program of meal replacements and supplementation, combined with the services of a professional weight loss coach, will ensure that old habits are not re-adopted and that reaching a weight loss goal, then returning to “normal” eating again, does not mean that weight will be regained. Re-education is an important part of any weight loss program and with the right program and the right coaching, weight loss can be maintained for life.

In conclusion, for anyone who is wishing to lose weight, whether it be a little or a lot, and who wants to do so without the traditional challenges that rear their ugly head on a ‘diet’, consider the meal replacement option. It works, it’s easy, it’s simple, it’s convenient, you don’t have to calorie count or measure portion sizes and best of all you will increase your energy levels, improve your health and watch the fat will literally melt away. The perfect weight loss experience!

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