The secret to network marketing success starts with the lead generation process. No, we're not talking about just anyone - not your friends or family or buying expensive leads which produce nothing but heartache and rejection.

We're talking about pre qualified MLM leads, those you attract yourself and which haven't been through the mill of a lead company and shared among others.

You see, when you attract your own leads you have control on how their sourced and more importantly, their quality. Yes, quality control is what it's all about in network marketing lead generation.

So how do you attract pre qualified MLM leads? First thing you need to do is get online. We're not saying abandon your off line prospecting completely but that's limited and should form just a small part of your prospecting efforts.

Creating Online Real Estate

The only people you are interested in attracting to your network marketing business are those who are interested in talking to you.

Make sense. In other words, you don't want to be chasing people around the block hoping they might want to stop and listen to what you have to say. The attraction marketing process starts with educating your potential prospects and the best way for you to achieve this is by putting up online real estate.

Websites, blogs and Web 2.0 properties are the key tools. Now, simply putting these up and blasting out sales message after sales message is not going to "cut the mustard." In fact, you don't even want to mention your company or products.

Does that sound like a radical idea. You're a network marketer yet we're telling you that promoting your company and products is a no-no. That's exactly what we're saying.

The attraction marketing process is about selling yourself. It's you that a potential business associate will be attracted to. You won't be promoting companies or products but instead, you will be promoting hope.

And that's the key ingredient to attracting people into your prospecting funnel because people are not looking for a product or company, they are searching for hope and if you can trigger their hope sensors enough then they will come seeking you out.

Your online real estate will be telling them how they can improve their skin tone, their looks, how they can shed weight comfortably and safely, the compliments they'll get, relief, financial independence...the list goes on and on.

By the time they seek you out you have yourself pre qualified MLM leads. And by using the pulling power of the internet, they come knocking on your prospecting door in numbers.

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