One of the best techniques to decide what to work on is what I call MTB or Market Then Build. This is the opposite of BTM or Build Then Market.

I've spent most of my life doing things in the BTM way. I'd come up with an idea and then build the software to implement it. I'd use the software and keep on improving it. The software would become very useful to me. But, I'd never take the next step to sell it. It wasn't perfect and I had too many things to work on. One day I thought it would be better to create the marketing material first. Then, try to market my idea and if enough people were interested then build it.

One great tool to help with this is Google AdWords or any of the other internet advertising systems. One of the ways I used MTB was to decide what book I should write and then what the title and subtitle should be.

This is a great time saving technique as the wasted time spent building a product that no one will buy, can be spent on identifying what people will buy?

You can then use the FTAD method to quickly finish and get your product or service to market. This helps you to find out what your customers want instead of giving them what you think they want. You let the marketplace help you to decide.

While you're marketing your product, try always to discuss the benefits of it and not the features. Also, describe how it's different from the competition and why your customer should trust you. Then you need to test your ideas. I call this BDTT or Benefit, Difference, Trust, Test which I'll discuss more in a future article.

So get to work. Go to Google now and let the marketplace tell you what you don't know.

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