Have you ever awaken feeling wonderfully inspired, totally rejuvenated and ready to take on the world—when suddenly—an unexpected comment, an offbeat remark or someone's negative mood completely changes your demeanor?

Frankly, we have all experienced a sudden change in disposition; a shift in energy, especially when we are engaging in interaction with others. The good news for those who choose to practice spiritual consciousness is that outside influences rarely seem to affect them—and when they do, they are able to quickly regain focus—focus on the reality that they have the ability to stay lovingly detached from external influences.

Yes. As difficult as it may sound, we do have the ability to separate ourselves for the unconscious world—and, we can do so with love—when we are in tune with the spirit within. But before we proceed any further, let us define what creates an unconscious world.

The unconscious world is composed of the collective mass of society; the aspect of society that chooses to be unaware of it's divine identity—the true aspect of our being, our divine spirit.

The spiritually unconscious are the individuals who travel through life believing they are victims—believing they have no control over the circumstances of their lives. Individuals who choose to live unconsciously, fail to recognize the powers that are part of a divine component of their makeup: The divine powers to create and re-create their lives.

Angry and resentful at the world for their misfortune, these individuals seek refuge from their pain in the comfort of others. Sadly, in their inability to recognize their true essence, they unconsciously invade the space of others who are striving to remove themselves from the illusions of the physical world by developing spiritual awareness.

And, who are these individuals that call themselves spiritually conscious? These individuals are human beings just like you and I, your neighbor down the street, the postal worker, the cashier at the grocery store and, you ask, what makes them unique? What makes these individuals unique is that they have allowed themselves to remember that they are creative divine beings! They have removed themselves from the external noise of the world and entered the blissfulness of inner-searching and spiritual awareness.

How can you learn how to become spiritually conscious? You can begin by lovingly detaching yourself from the external influences of others and begin to rely on your spirit to be the only guiding force in your life. You can begin this process by learning how to listen to the inner-voice of spirit that resides within you. You can hear the inner-voice of spirit when you silence the outside world and practice quiet contemplation and/or meditation.

Are you tired of all the external noise? Are you tired of waking up invigorated only to have your mood influenced by the outside world? Then always remember to lovingly detach yourself from the negative influences of others and remember to concentrate on your internal rhythm of life. It is the voice of spirit who inspires you to awaken in a blessed mood. Make sure to stay in tune and you will be living spiritually conscious in an unconscious world.

Author's Bio: 

We were many lives before we came to this moment of now."

Lavanya, (Dr. Greenberg) joyfully wears many hats; all geared to assist humanity in unveiling their divine radiance.

Her spiritual journey began nine years ago when she began to experience angelic visions. The WWW provided a venue for her to begin to share her experiences and to also begin to develop her writing skills.

Recognizing that she was being called to be a vessel for humanity, she began her studies in religion and spirituality. She earned a certification in Spiritual Counseling from Canyon College and began to offer counseling via the World Wide Web. Soon after, she had a tranformational vision that would invite her to explore the sacred art of spiritual healing.

Lavanya earned her Mastery in Reiki, a sacred method of energy and spiritual healing. She founded the Spiritual Path Center and composed her first book publication, "The Path That Leads The Way."

Through her privite practice as a spiritual counselor and healer, Lavanya began to develop her intuitive and healing energies. She was able to assist others in remembering their past lives and to help them to reconcile with old patterns of karma. She has assisted countless of individuals to heal from their emotional pain and to commence a blissful life of spiritual purpose.

Inspired by achievements of her clients and students, Lavanya was inspired to compose her second book, "The Path To Self-Realization." As she continued in her own spiritual development, she began to "remember" her own past lives, which brought her to re-connect with ancient Egypt and India. Her memories were part of a blueprint that were being brought together in order to activate her spiritual matrix and to ultimately utilize that blueprint to help others to accomplish the same...to unveil their divine radiance and become a vessel of light for humanity!

In an effort to reach a broader audience, Lavanya began her studies in Natural Health and earned her Doctorate in Natural Medicine. Today she combines her spiritual wisdom and past "knowledge" in her privite practice. She inter-changes her "hats" to help her clients, patients and students to heal and unveil their spiritual essence.

Last year, Dr. Greenberg was blessed with the guru name, Sita, by Sri Prananada. From this moment on, she knew that the Omega was asking her to expand her horizons and to strive to reach a larger scope of humanity. Lavanya was inspired to change the name of her center to "The Spiritual Path Center for Ascension." She was also guided to begin to offer blessings through hugs.

Recently, Sita was blessed again with another name...Lavanya. She humbly continues to invite humanity to unveil their spiritual essence. She offers privite sessions in Staten Island, NY in spiritual counseling, emotional healing and development. She also offers energy and shaman healings and attunements.

The Spiritual Path Center for Ascension is a spiritual Oasis that offers workshops and weekly meditation classes. It also features a holistic pharmacy and prayer room.

Lavanya has assisted countless of individuals, in person and through the venue of the World Wide Web. She humbly but boldy honors her calling to be a vessel of healing light for all those who are willing and ready to be re-connected to their spirit!

She offers you her love, light and blessings and invites you to begin your spiritual jounrey towards unity and bliss.