For Man to return to harmony and experience a complete healing, of optimum health he has to under stand himself thoroughly and what affects his outer physical body as well as his inner bodies. All our bodies vibrate and exist at a certain level of vibration, and all sounds ,which in effect are vibrations as well, affect us either negatively or positively. The human Being is a multidimensional system of subtle energies that create and sustain the physical body. Every application of an acupuncture needle attempts to access these energies to affect the body and mind. Oriental medicine has been studying the relationship of physical matter and subtle energy and vibration for thousands of years. Sound Wave Energy supplies us with the ability to tune up our inner bodies and return us to a state of balance and harmony.
Most of us today are becoming aware that we are far more than our physical anatomy. Indeed each one of us is a complex being comprised of many aspects seen and unseen. We each have a multifaceted inner life, in addition to a physical body, comprised of emotions, thoughts, memories, dreams and intuitions. And most importantly, deep within each one of us, underlying and pervading every waking and dreaming moment, lies our awareness or our consciousness. This spiritual aspect exists beyond the body, emotions and mind.
Within our being are still other energetic elements .Some of these have been identified as acupuncture points, meridians, chakras and the aura. Whether we are fully conscious of it or not, life energy flows constantly through these non physical channels and structures to nourish all facets of our entire being.
All of our non physical structures and components are as vital to our existence as our heart and lungs, and all other organs. All of these components together with the physical body and our spiritual essence comprise the multidimensional human form.
Have you ever wondered where your emotion comes from? You may answer somewhere inside. Our thoughts, memories, intuitive nudges also seem to arise from “somewhere inside“. Where or what is this “inside”? If we can look beyond our physical body and into our inner dimension we would see that the energetic components in which our emotional responses originate essentially form another body. We can refer to this body as the “emotional body”. It is a subtle body or one less material than the physical .Although we cannot see this emotional body, it is just as important and real to us as our physical body.
If we could peer ever more deeply into our own being, we would see another even more subtle body. This is the energetic or vibrational aspect of our being in which our past experiences and all our patterns of stimulus and response are stored. We call this storehouse of our memories and patterns, our causal body.
Even deeper within us is another body called the mental body. This body is the source of our thoughts. Even deeper still is our intuitive body or the aspect of our being from which our intuition flows. In truth this part of our selves can hardly be called a body for it is really made of pure spirit, or that which we refer to as soul or the highest self. Behind the highest self lies the infinite source of all life. It is the origin of the life force itself and the source of our bodies ,both physical and subtle.
As this life force flows into the physical world it forms, animates and fuels all of our bodies with its vital essence.
Within and between, all of these bodies. lie many channels that allow this life force
Energy to flow through the bodies to enliven and energise and nourish them. These subtle channels connect all the bodies and allow them to communicate with each other. in balance and harmony. The chakras and energy centres are the key components of this channel system. The seven major chakras situated on the front of the body also have reflections of themselves in the more subtle bodies and they correspond with each other. To be in perfect health all these centres must be aligned and in perfect balance, and vibrating at their intented resonance. The chakras also act as major pathways for life energy from the higher more subtle bodies to flow into the physical body. This energy is then distributed throughout the physical body via the meridians, identified many centuries ago.
The subtle bodies have many different components which are similar to the body’s cells and organs and systems, making them just as complex as our physical body and just as needful of our care and attention. In addition to all of our bodies “subtle” and “real” is an energetic field that surrounds the body called the aura.
All of this knowledge drives one to the point where we have to understand that all ailments of the physical body is directly or indirectly controlled or influenced by the health and wellbeing of these subtle “inner” bodies. When we pop pills into our mouths we are really putting a plaster on the sore and not getting to the root cause of what really ails us.
To be in a state of total harmony and balance and of course optimum health we first have to align and fine tune our inner bodies. One of the ways to do this is through the Sound Wave Energy Technology created by Nicole La Voie.

Author Betty Hart

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Betty Hart is a retired Education Officer. She spent 45 years in this field educating children. Having served people all her life ,she still desires to continue in this capacity, so she has done extensive research in the field of health. She believes in taking supplements to reverse the signs of aging and products to detoxify the body and keep it from getting diseases. She has done a lot of experimenting on herself and has identified a few very exclusive and fine products for maintaining health at a very high standard. She supplies these products to the international community from her website Betty has also been a member of ECKANKAR for the past twenty five years. This has helped to mould her into the person she is now . A person who believes that she is a Divine Spark of God whose main purpose on Earth is to serve humanity. She tries to do this in what ever way that she can,serving with love and humility., She has chosen this field of health as she has always been interested in health products and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
To learn more about fine tuning and aligning our inner bodies, we at Nucellcanada supply you with a book “Return to Harmony” By Nicole La Voie.
In this book, Nicole describes the technology of Sound Wave Energy, and how and why she came to developed it in the early 90’s .She would record the resonance of a person’s voice and identify what minerals they were deficient in, and she would then recommend which Tapes or Cds they should listen to. Sound Wave Energy is an amazing technology of recorded sounds set at different hertz which resonates with the rates of vibration of the chakras and inner bodies of man, fine tuning them and reminding them of their ideal rates of vibration. Some frequencies vibrate at the rate of different minerals, DHEA and other compounds that the body needs and uses.
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