Where going to go through what is called combination 1 this is a natural and practical combination of movements that include striking, body movement, blocking and footwork.

1. Jab & Cross Punch

Jab with the front hand keeping your rear hand up protecting at all times then fire your cross punch twisting on your back foot. When you do the jab, pull your hand right back to your guard so your hand covers when you fire the cross punch, this should be applied to any of your punches.

2. Hook Punch & Cross Punch

When executing your hook focus on keeping your shoulder high and punching from your guard, so that you don’t bring your arm back when punching, and therefore present a nice wide opening for your opponent to take advantage of. This is a common mistake to avoid. It’s always best to practice your elbow first then add the hook to this if you’re having a challenging time keeping your hook tight. Then fire your cross punch same as previous.

3. Bob & Weave

Evasive skills to move from punching attacks. When performing this movement lean your upper body forwards as if you’re putting your head into your opponents chest. Keep your hands up protecting your head at all times; remember blocking with your head is never a good idea. Weave left and then right.

4. Body Blocks

This movement is used to defend against a hook or roundhouse kick to the body. This requires a short, sharp movement dropping your elbow to cover your side and bend your upper body to strengthen your defence. Focus on that short movement and bring your hand straight back up to your face so that your not open. Repeat on both sides.

5. Hook to the Body

When executing your punches turn your body into the target and have your palm facing you when punching. Keep your other hand up high to protect when punching. Repeat this on the both side.


Keep your fist clenched properly – it’s easy to get into bad habits.

Keep your chin tucked in at all times, remember the only time you should have your chin in the air is when your having your photograph taken!.

Breath out from the stomach when punching.

Remember to pull your punching hand back to guard when you have completed the punch so that you have a defence when firing the next punch in the combination – take your time!

How to train your Combination 1

• Once you have gone through the sections individually then put the whole combination together, in front of a mirror would be ideal.
• This combination lends itself well to using focus pads with a partner.
• You can also break down elements of the combination with a partner (body blocks and bob and weave)
• Once you have the combination down then begin to shadow box any of the combination in any order, using your imagination to

Remember the harder you work the luckier you get. I look forward to working with you next month.

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Lee Mainprize is a martial arts teachers, teacher. He helps beginners and students learn martial arts online and martial arts home study.